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Mortified Man Gets Stuck In Giant Vagina Statue

by Maria Bell ,
Mortified Man Gets Stuck In Giant Vagina Statue© Imgur / Erick Guzman

Of all the things that a guy could get stuck in, a woman's lady-regions has got to be up near the top of the wish-list. But when it's giant, made of stone and your photo is plastered all over the internet sprawling out of a rather large labia - you get the feeling this fantasy ain't all that fun. Certainly not for this guy anyway...

For us, it's a hoot.

A foreign exchange student in Germany got stuck in the bottom of a giant ‘love making’ statue of a larger-than-life vagina after his idea for a hilarious photo-op went wrong. Very wrong.

​More than 20 unimpressed firefighters were called to ease the mortified student out of the Chacán-Piartwork by Fernando de la Jara at Tübingen University.

We only wish they'd rescued him with a pair of giant forceps.

Epic fail of the year we think. What about you? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Maria Bell
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