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Niall Horan speaks out about night with Made In Chelsea's Louise

by Francesca Menato ,
Niall Horan speaks out about night with Made In Chelsea's Louise© Getty

Niall Horan's finally spoken about THAT night with Louise Thompson. Unfortunately he's not given us the juicy details, but he also hasn't actually denied it. As with so many Made In Chelsea stories, he says it all got blown out of proportion.

One Direction's Niall Horan has spoken out on that well talked about night he's thought to have spent with Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson.

Back in May, rumours surfaced that the pair had spent the night together after Niall sent a cab to bring the West London reality star to his house.

They had reportedly become friendly after connecting on Twitter.

The story became a much bigger deal when it emerged on Made In Chelsea that the date night occurred when Louise was dating cast mate Andy Jordan.

The story was the focus of a whole episode, with an upset Andy going to his mate Stevie for advice.

Seems like Niall probably hadn't counted on the show taking home a BAFTA as well as a whole new a legion of loyal viewers last series.

Let's just say this story was too good not to become some serious dramz - much to Niall's distress.

Niall Horan with his nephew © Twitter
Niall Horan with his nephew
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The 19-year-old 1D star told Fabulous magazine: “One meeting turned into a big story, which is ridiculous, so that’s the end of that."

Hmm...what happened at this meeting though Niall, that's what we want to know.

He went on to explain: "It does make me wary. You struggle with who to trust and who not to trust.”

To be frank Niall, a girl who stars in a reality show may not be your best bet for keeping things private...bit of a misjudgement there.

THough Niall's name was never mentioned on MIC, cast member Ollie Locke confirmed rumours when he tweeted: "You realise this 'friend' is Niall from One Direction! #Louise #Madeinchelsea."

Louise's boyfriend Andy explained after the incident that she was banned from seeing the youngster again.

He told New! magazine: "To be honest I’ve put my foot down on that."

Louise Thompson © Channel 4
Louise Thompson
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Andy avoided using Niall's name during the interview but answered "no" when asked whether his girlfriend has been in contact with the singer since their night together.

So it seems we'll never know just what happened on that night, although that was far from a denial from Niall.

Andy and Louise are still going strong and filming for the new season of Made In Chelsea has already started.

Though Andy believes Louise's night with Niall was innocent, her arch rival Lucy Watson does not agree.

At the end of year party. Lucy told Louise: "I think you're lying, I think you should tell Andy the truth."

So we're guessing the big storyline of next series won't be those two becoming besties.

Who wants that anyway - more drama please.

One Direction © Fabulous
One Direction
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