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14 Ways Prince George Will Be One Amazing Big Brother

by Emmy Griffiths ,
14 Ways Prince George Will Be One Amazing Big Brother© Getty

Kate Middleton's due date is drawing closer and closer, with little Royal baby number two due at the end of April, but we're already anticipating what to expect. Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Will they take little George to meet the new one in the hospital? How will Royal baby number one react to royal baby number two? We like the think he'll teach his new sibling PLENTY. Check out how...

He’ll make sure his little sibling’s enemies tremble with fear

He might not be the King of England yet, but he's certainly the King of making other toddlers cry.

He’ll happily hand over his old dungarees

Comfy and numerous as they are.

He has this amazing yellow duck he surely will be happy to share

Despite the clear hatred in Kate's eyes, the duck is staying.

Not to mention the rest of his toys

They must have rooms FULL of giant teddies. FULL.

He can give fashion advice

Just look at him. He's so fly.

He knows how to make clear what he wants

Hint? You must scream your royal lungs out.

He can teach his sibling how to rock a dress

Boy or girl, they will be forced into this traditional frilly monstrosity.

He'll lend out his knee length socks

And teach them all about exotic animals

Not all one-year-old's have met a bilby. We haven't even met a bilby.

He'll hook them up with the ladiez

Or you know, just teach them how to share their toys nicely.

And teach them how to throw shade

Much like his Grandmother, George never needed help learning this one.

He can teach them how to command us peasants to kneel before them

It hasn't worked yet, but SOON.

Not to mention how to make an ‘evil genius’ face

Maniacal laugh!

Oh, and how to be adorable. Obviously.

What do you think Prince George can teach Royal Baby #2? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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