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QUIZ: Are You Team Superman Or Team Batman?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
QUIZ: Are You Team Superman Or Team Batman?

One of the year's most hotly anticipated movies is nearly here, and you (yes, you!) have to pick a side. Our two favourite superheroes are going up against each other, and from the trailer (and the second trailer, and the third and all the TV spots...let's face it we've basically seen the film by now) it looks like it's going to be brutal. As much as you'd like to, you can't sit on the fence. So are you Team Superman or Team Batman? Take our quiz to find out...

Sure both superheroes have their pros and cons, and sure, we need to consider them before taking the quiz.


Superman is hot AF, basically indestructible, goes around saving people with no agenda, and lets himself be walked all over as simple journalist Clark Kent when he's not running around ripping his shirt off. He believes in honour and justice etc, but this also makes him kind of a square. He will always stick to the rules and so can be kind of irritating, especially when he is breaking the law as much as every other criminal and basically ruined NYC in Man of Steel. He can also be sent to his knees just with a cheeky bit of kryptonite.

But on the other hand, he makes one freaking adorable meerkat counterpart.


Batman, on the other hand, is cool. You don't get named the Dark Knight/Silent Guardian/The Caped Crusader for nothing. He does what he likes and doesn't give a sh*t. He doesn't even have the powers to back it up! He just calls himself a superhero, spends a ton of his billionaire dolla and BAM - meet Batman. His alter ego also isn't doing something as lame as sporting a pair of glasses and being pushed around in an office all day. While he's not saving the world, his best plan for concealment is to act like an entitled playboy which, if you think about it, is a really good plan. That being said, he doesn't have powers, so is puny in comparison to Superman.

But his Meerkat alter ego is also just precious.

Now you have had time to consider the characters in their entirely: their good side, bad side, meerkat counterparts, take our quiz to find out which side YOU should be rooting for!

Whose side are you on? Tweet your result to us @sofeminineUK!

The limited edition meerkat toys mark the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film which is out 25th March.

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