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These Disney Princesses As Star Wars Characters Are Brilliant

by Emmy Griffiths ,
These Disney Princesses As Star Wars Characters Are Brilliant

Since Star Wars is the hot thing right now (and also belongs to Disney), it was only a matter of time before we saw our favourite Disney Princesses take on the roles of Jedis, Siths and everything inbetween. We've seen the Princesses as hipsters, as men and as hot dogs, but Star Wars Disney Princesses might be our favourite one yet...

  1. · Sleeping Beauty
  2. · Jasmine
  3. · Rapunzel
  4. · Elsa
  5. · Ariel
  6. · Mulan
  7. · Snow White

Drawn by the excellent Ralph Sevelius, the drawings range from Snow White as a Sith Lord (well, Lady), to Rapunzel as a Padawan leaner, and they are seriously impressive...

Sleeping Beauty

She's encased in carbonite, AKA the only way to have a good nap when you're in the Star Wars universe.


Someone had to end up in Leia's famous golden bikini, didn't they!


A Padawan learner with the longest ever training braid.


Elsa makes an excellent Sith Lord, though shouldn't her lightsaber be blue?! Come on now!


Of course Ariel would be a Jedi Knight with TWO lightsabers.


Who do you think Mulan is? Part of the rebel alliance? A smuggler? A bounty hunter? Whatever her role, she looks COOL.

Snow White

Ralph pulled a full Anakin Skywalker on Snow White, turning her from a sweet Princess into a badass Sith.

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This piece was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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