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This Girl Overheard An Hilariously Terrible Date And Live-tweeted The Whole Thing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Girl Overheard An Hilariously Terrible Date And Live-tweeted The Whole Thing© via imagekb

Anne Theriault is a popular writer and Twitter personality, and so needless to say we were HOOKED when she found herself in a coffee shop overhearing what we all dream of overhearing: a truly terrible, awkward first date taking place. Naturally, she promptly retweeted the whole thing. All we can say is, why feel SO bad for the poor girl on her first date! Check it out...

It all starts with Anne being in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong place if you would.

She clocks that the guy on the date's screenplay is EVERY PROTAGONIST EVER

Then she notes his self-compliment

And a lack of interest in his date (smh)

Then he stumbles onto some truths only he knows about being a writer

Of course there's a problem with the coffee

He seems to be an expert in A LOT

He has also obviously had plenty of world experiences *eye roll*

For the first time the girl starts chatting about herself, it soon swings back to him

Then it gets into dangerous territory

Get out of there, random girl!

Cannot blame her.

Then the excellent excuse begins

​Can't argue with a house fire

​Not that the guy notices

Though he clearly doesn't get the message

She's made her excuse and she's OUT OF THERE.

Presumably working on his screenplay.

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Emmy Griffiths
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