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17 Struggles Of Being A Single Wedding Guest

by Rose Adams ,
17 Struggles Of Being A Single Wedding Guest

Always the guest but never the bride? We feel ya. We all enjoy a wedding, but when it comes to being a guest without that significant other, well, that just brings with it a whole heap of struggles. Let's hear it for the single ladies in no rush to put a ring on it!

There comes a time in our lives when we reach that age when EVERYONE we know is getting hitched, and that means a whole lotta weddings. And hen dos. Almost every weekend. But these constant PDA's and gushy declarations of love can all get a bit much when you're a single pringle sat round a table full of coupled up guests you barely know. And it doesn't stop there, from finding the perfect wedding outfit to trying and failing to dodge that bouquet moment, here's all the struggles us single gals go through on someone else's big day.

1. Having to dodge the 'are you bringing anyone?' question when it comes to the RSVP

Er, no we're not. We're flying solo. Soz if that messes up the table plan.

2. The long and arduous process of finding the perfect outfit that ticks ALL the boxes...

You can’t show too much flesh if you’re going to the day ceremony, no white, no ivory, if it's too long then you run the risk of looking like a bridesmaid... GAH.



3. ...and remembering the golden rule: Your outfit can NEVER upstage the bride

She's gotta be the centre of attention, but you wanna pull too. Ah the decisions.


Heels look amazing but flats feel amazing. Help a girl out a put flip flops by the dance floor would you?

5. Other guests point to the happy couple and say to you: 'that'll be you next' but if you roll your eyes anymore you fear they may get stuck there



6. You get pushed to the front of the crowd to give you a good chance of catching the bouquet

7. ...But then everyone looks at you in pity when you don't catch it

P.E was never our strong point, okay?

8. At a family do, having to dance with your drunk uncle cos you’re the only one without a dance partner

Just cos it's a wedding does not make those questionable shapes on the dance floor acceptable.

9. Having to sit alone at the tables, as everyone is coupled up



10. ...And then having to make small talk with the strangers sat at your table

'Soo... do you know when they're cutting the cake?'

11. Waiting for the food feels like waiting for Christmas

It's common knowledge that it's the best part of the day after all.

12. You assume you'll meet loads of hot potential bfs...

13. ...But of course expectations never match the movies so you just end up getting wasted



14. When the slushy slow tunes come on everyone grabs their nearest and dearest so you just head for the cheese tower

15. Being used as an extra photographer and having to capture 'natural' moments with the disposable cameras on your table

At least you're well practiced from all the pre- night out 'photoshoots'

16. Finding an alternative when the bar tab runs out

Do you think they'd notice if I snuck in a bottle?

17. Trying to find an appropriate time to leave: too early and you look like you're not having fun, too late and you have to help tidy up everything



What's your biggest wedding struggle? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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