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Why This Year's Oscars Were The Funniest Yet

by Sacha Detti ,
Why This Year's Oscars Were The Funniest Yet© Twitter

From stumbles on the red carpet to the ultimate celeb selfies, impromptu dancing and Liza Minnelli, here's 11 great reasons why the Oscars 2014 were the funniest yet.

1. The selfie that made history

2. Brad Pitt's pizzagasm

3. When Ellen DeGeneres did this to Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock

4. When Pharrell Williams dances with Oscar royalty

5. When Jamie Foxx got his groove on

6. The poutage in this Liza Minnelli selfie

7. The moment when Steve McQueen jumped for joy with his win for 12 Years A Slave

8. When Benedict Cumberbatch did this

9. Jennifer Lawrence being clumsy

10. When Ellen made this delivery guy have the best night ever

11. When Matthew McConaughey hugged Leo

Matthew McConaughey stole Leonardo DiCaprio's great chance at finally getting an Oscar, and gave him a hug to commiserate. We're pretty sure Leo is making a serious threat here. Just look at Matthew's face. Be afraid Matthew. Be very afraid.

Oh yes, this year's Oscar's were pretty special. What's your fave moment? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Sacha Detti
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