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Green Eyed With Jealousy & Hating On Life? 15 Signs You're Having A Quarter Life Crisis

by Vivian KELLY ,
Green Eyed With Jealousy & Hating On Life? 15 Signs You're Having A Quarter Life Crisis© Google Images

They say the older you get the less you care, but this couldn't be further from the truth. For us, as soon as we hit our 20s and 30s life was anything but a satisfaction. Do you find yourself out of control, full of woes, anxious and just plain freaking out? Sounds like a quarter life crisis to us. If you're not sure here are 15 signs you're going through a quarter life crunch...

1. Failure is your #1 fear in life

If someone gets a better job or a pay rise you feel the pressure to follow through. Comparison is a fact of life even if it sucks the joy out of you.

2. You overhaul your diet

You used to be that person that said you'd never eat 'skinny' chicken spaghetti, but now everything you always felt repulsed by has made a new home in your fridge. Kale, chia seeds, wheatgrass and cod liver oil? They're necessities.

3. Suddenly you change your career

"This isn't what I want to be stuck doing for the REST of my life." Hello resignation day.

4. You’re envious of your cat

Most of us have stared our cat down in the morning and thought "Life isn't fair." Yep. Says A LOT.

5. The quarter-life make-over

You feel like you need to do something to feel more grown up. New hair, new image, new clothes, NEW YOU!

6. You haven’t had a serious boyfriend since school...

...which doesn’t even count. Now every man you meet is a potential husband. Dating for fun? Ain't nobody got time for that.

7. Payday lasts one day

You recklessly spend your money like you're earning a six-figure salary. The payday high never lasts.

8. You still live with at least 5 other people and share one tiny fridge

It's either that or having your parents as your housemates.

9. You watch this repeatedly and keep asking yourself: 'Why not me?'


10. You're torn between being classy and sophisticated or young and carefree

So you use YOLO to justify every time you do something stupid.

11. You realise that everyone’s dream of being rich and wealthy is bull crap

Lies. Just lies.

12. Everything has gone back to basics in your shopping basket. Literally.

13. Your analytical mind has taken over your life

"Why did I do that degree? Why didn't I go for that gap year? Why did I break up with him?" Stop overthinking and live life!

14. You're a Facebook monster

You constantly see your newsfeed turn into baby videos and weddings while you're still busy getting white girl wasted. You despise them all.

15. You pretty much accept you're going to die an old spinster

Any comforting thoughts for a sister in need?

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Vivian KELLY
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