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ASOS Splurges, Pampering & Doughnuts All Round: 13 Things Girls Do When They’re On A Payday High

by Lareese Craig ,
ASOS Splurges, Pampering & Doughnuts All Round: 13 Things Girls Do When They’re On A Payday High

There’s logic and then there’s payday logic. You know, when every sensible judgement doesn’t stand a chance because YOLO is the only argument you truly give a damn about. Responsibilities can wait, ASOS, Topshop & Zara on the other hand cannot. Here are 13 things girls do when they’re on a payday high. Cue the excuses for fine dining M&S food we can’t afford and indulgent top to toe pampering.

Nothing puts us girls in a better mood than having the funds to shop which is why payday is the only date we really care about. Ever. It’s a case of spend like there’s no tomorrow and don’t look back. And then massively regret it when you can't afford a £3 meal deal at the end of the month. Whoops. Here are the crazy things girls do when they’re on a payday high.

1. Shop, shop, shop!

As soon as that current account looks slightly healthier it's like a wild beast takes over and trust us you don't wanna try taming that thing. There's no point in talking us out of it, we will spend £200 on ASOS if we want to because we're basically rich now. Ok?

2. Unnecessary pampering

It's time for the 'you deserve a treat' monologue. Suddenly, you're booking manis and pedis and you're talking all your girlfriends round too. Oh wait, a spa break for £400... and we're poor.

3. We get overly generous

We're well aware we haven't got enough to buy a scotch egg let alone this round of drinks but the music's good in here and we can't wait to hear how excited everyone gets over surprise Sambuca. Plus, if we do this we'll feel like we've finally made it in life since we can now provide our friends with something other than a spare tampon. Success.

4. We actually look forward to lunch

Nothing beats an overpriced payday luncheon. We do it because later on down the line it’s the choice of soup or sod all.

5. The Itunes binge

This will be the month that we get ripped thanks to this new playlist. Apple WILL be the making of our abs.

6. Food for everybody

Shareable snacks for the office to celebrate actually being able to eat again. Yep, that's happening and doughnuts with sprinkles will be involved.

7. MAC makeup

There's no fix like a MAC Ruby Woo fix. Hand. Over. The. Lipstick.

8. The credit card pay off

It feels better than Nutella on toast. Yeah really. Mainly because those phone calls pestering us to pay-in will stop AND we can use the card to shop again. Happy days!

9. Big nights out

Saturdays nights are suddenly back on and that means overpriced cocktails are too. Splashing the cash like nobody's business and we're not even sorry.

10. Shower all our loved ones with gifts

Ok, by gifts we mean fictional gifts that never materialise. It's the payday high and it usually goes something like this: 'I know what I'll do, I'll buy my mum some surprise flowers and have them delivered to her work... but on the other hand TOPSHOP SALE.'

11. Healthy food shop

We start off with nothing but good intentions, everything's fresh and green and less than 2% sat fat but come the 25th it's beans on toast and Super Noodles all the way. None of which will appear on our Insta. Obviously.

12. Justify buying a pricey face cream

It comes under the unnecessary pampering thing we do. There's something very fulfilling about getting a pretty woman in a white coat to smear an £80 cream onto your face, buying the said cream in a smug, I'm getting money manner...and then never using it or sacking it off to your mum for Christmas #shouldhavesaveditforPret

Note: Buying the cream has absolutely nothing to do with the free gift. At all.

13. Junk food

Payday = cheat day. We can totally justify buying calorific and disgustingly greasy food because it's been a tough old month and we earned this moment. Now let us stuff our faces with sweet arse burgers already.

What do you do on a payday high? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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