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Get Out Of A Funk! 23 Ways To Have A Happy Monday

by Vivian KELLY ,
Get Out Of A Funk! 23 Ways To Have A Happy Monday© We Heart It

Everyone knows Mondays suck. Period. But don't let stress and weekday drudgery ruin your week! It's time we finally reclaim our happiness and start getting motivated again - are you with us? Good. Here are 23 ways to make your Mondays a lot less painful and A LOT more enjoyable...

Mondays are a struggle. A big struggle. But whether you're buried in deadlines or plain and simple - just rather be in bed - there are things you CAN do to turn around Monday monotony.

Desperate to find out? Here are 23 simple ways to bring the spark back to your day.

1. Ask yourself, “What’s wrong?"

Sometimes lousy Mondays can be more than just Monday Blues so take your feelings seriously. If you wake up in a foul mood, stressed, sad and brimming with anxiety stop and ask yourself one question, “What’s bothering me?”.

That way if it’s a project, co-worker or something in your personal life dragging your mood, you can help identify the problem quickly and find a solution, stat.

2. Be one step ahead of yourself

Keep your 'it can wait til Monday' list to a minimum. If you get a few menial jobs done on Friday afternoon you'll be giving yourself a real head start come Monday morning. Nothing feels better than starting your week on the ball.

​Drag things out until Monday and find yourself drowning in a pool of procrastination...

3. Take out some well deserved ‘me time’

Regularly find yourself rolling out of bed in the morning just in the nick of time? If this is your thing, chances are you probably feel like a working robot with no battery. ​All the stress of waking up late, throwing on some clothes and running out the door (just to give yourself that extra twenty minutes in bed) is doing you no good. But you CAN change it!

Aside from waking up on time, try getting up thirty minutes earlier on Mondays. Insanity? Hear us out. That extra thirty minutes is devoted to YOU; make yourself a cuppa, catch up on your favourite YouTube channel or take your dog for a walk. Doing small things like this will help you feel more positive and better about yourself. Soon you'll find that there’s actually more to your life than just work!

4. Dress to impress

Every girl wants a stylist so why not be your own? Make your Mondays fun! Even if you're a morning grump, don't let your inner grinch show on the outside too - it's no good for anybody - including you. Now get yourself over to Zara and SPLURGE. When you look the part, you feel the part.

5. Remember to unplug for the weekend

Work is for Monday to Fridays, so be certain you don’t allow yourself to work on the weekends. This is YOUR time and YOUR life. Do whatever you want!

​Whether it be staying in and watching Netflix all day, going to a local gig or catching up with family and friends, this is your chance to detach yourself from work-life. It’s about self control girls. Trust us, by Monday morning you will be so satisfied that you actually had a weekend for once! Bottom line: Avoid the trap and don’t let yourself be a weekend worker.

6. Don't skip breakfast

You know the drill - we don’t need to bang on about how important breakfast is, we know you know. You also know that hunger pangs and a rumbling stomach do not help you get your work done. So have a bowl of porridge (it keeps you less hungry for longer) or some cereal if you’re on-the-go.

If you’re not a morning eater, have a piece of fruit or a smoothie - anything to get you going for the day. The energy and nutrients will make you feel positive and better about the day ahead. Get munching!

7. Listen to some upbeat tunes

Put on your favourite music while you're getting ready or zone out to tunes on your way to work. If you can, make a playlist of your favourite songs but make sure they’re inspiring and upbeat!

8. Always have a lunch break

Don’t neglect your lunch break! It’s tempting, we know, but giving yourself time out will help you get more work done and get your blood flowing again (i.e. making you more productive).

​Better yet, why not buy something you’ve been wanting to try? Stuff Pret, go to the little cafe you walk past everyday; you never know, may find you like it. Exploring new things help us feel more positive and motivated, so go for it.

9. Make someone else happy

Giving back to someone helps us reconnect with people and build relationships. Give a compliment, make a round of tea or help someone with directions wherever possible. Whatever it is, these small gestures are sure to have more impact than you think. Try it, you’ll feel great about yourself!

10. Get a small errand done

Why not get a tiny errand sorted during your workday? Pay a bill, book a wax or buy those cinema tickets you’ve been meaning to buy. These things take three minutes to do, yet we still feel like we don't have the time to do them. Not anymore...

11. Schedule meetings later in the week

Make sure to schedule meetings with colleagues or clients mid-week. This gives yourself time to catch up with things at the start of the week and be better prepared for it, which will help you feel relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead!

12. Avoid negativity like the plague

It’s not just you trudging through Monday's misery, chances are there are other Monday grumps out there too but just don’t let these negative thinkers bring you down.

​Avoid negativity and try to help others by turning things around. Go for a quick coffee on Monday mornings and catch up on the weekend's events - it's a great way to start your day. Not only are you saying NO negativity, but you’re also trying to help better someone else's day. (Even if they look like this guy - that's love right there.)

13. Plan for your future

Never miss an opportunity because you think you’re not capable. Success is achieved on your own terms. Pitch a new project to your boss or arrange a meeting with someone to boost your connections. Taking these small leaps of opportunity each week will keep you motivated on the job. The future is bright...

14. Get outdoors!

Boost your mood and productivity by giving your brain a break! Step outside the office and go for a short walk or maybe make a quick call to a friend. Whatever you choose, getting fresh air and taking time out will make the day go quicker and feel like you've done something more than just glare at your computer screen all day. Dry eyes? No way.

15. Have a pampering session

There's nothing wrong with a bit of TLC before the sun comes up. Think you 'don't have the time'? Well, it's possible alright. In fact, there's loads of things you can do that only take up a few minutes of your morning!

​Give yourself a speedy facial with Decleor's Flash Radiance Mask (three minutes is all you need) or better yet, give your nails a makeover with Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish. See? Face, nails - DONE. High five!

16. Schedule something to look forward to

Put Monday aside to sort out plans for the rest of your week. Schedule date night with the girls, book tickets to an exhibition or look up something fun and quirky to do. It doesn't all have to be on the weekend either, book something for weekday evenings too. Adding some spice to your week will give you something to work towards. Erm, hip hop karaoke anyone? We're in.

17. Make a to-do list

We know how it feels when you're dragging your feet out the door revising every little thing you need to do come Monday morning. Cool it. The best thing to do is make a habit of drawing up a to-do list on Friday afternoons. This way everything is under control, nothing will be forgotten and you now you can gracefully come back refreshed and ready. Phew. Suddenly it feels a lot easier to breathe now.

18. Catch up with a friend

For real, how many times have you said to yourself, “I’m a bad friend”. We’d say it was pretty damn often. When we’re working away from home or long hours, sometimes we can lose sight of our friendships. But don't worry, it’s totally normal. What you need is to invest a little more time into your relationships.

​Put work to rest for a moment and PICK UP THE PHONE. Arrange drinks or dinner after work and have a proper catch up. Everyone deserves some time out and like we said, it doesn’t have to wait until Friday. We guarantee, you’ll feel great after.

19. Go out for dinner

If you're anything like us, chances are by Friday you’ll be on a total food binge. Ice-cream, pizza, Chinese takeaway - you name it. It’s on the brain. This is because we behaved so well throughout the week that by the weekend you give yourself a break.

BUT this only makes you more groggy and tired come Monday morning (not to mention that subconscious guilt in the back of your mind). The best thing to do is to go for dinner or cook something new once or twice a week (salads prohibited), that way by the weekend you don’t feel the urge to totally lose control over your diet.

20. De-stress in a bubble bath

Call us crazy, but bubble baths are an amazing mood booster. FACT.

​Take time to re-energise, reflect, clear your mind and de-stress in a hot relaxing bubble bath. We can't think of a better thing to do on a Sunday night - it clears your mind, makes you happy and helps you get to sleep quicker. A bit of lavender and rose bath salts and you're sorted. Monday mornings never felt so good!

21. Grow an appreciation for life

It's about time we stopped sizing up Mondays, don't you think? There's no real reason to hate on them. Try looking outside the box and grow an appreciation for LIFE. Chances are it's not as bad as you make it out to be. (Have you seen the news lately?) Your friends, family, co-workers - they're all things to be thankful for. It's all about gratitude baby. Don't let life dominate you - take control.

22. Go to bed earlier on the weekend

Weekends are for fun, yeah, but they’re also for rest too. During the week your body clock will be working on an earlier schedule - meaning you’ll be going to bed earlier (we hope) and waking up earlier. So although it’s tempting to have a lil' lie in at the weekend, the best thing you can do is continue waking up at a regular time. Regularity is the key here.

Tip: If you need to catch up on sleep, go to bed earlier rather than sleep in. That’s the only way you can reclaim sleep without affecting your actual sleep cycle.

23. Smile!

Ever walked past someone who smiled at you and thought, "Aw that's nice." You were probably smiiling back at them too. No one wants to let someone down when they're smiling! It's the most contagious thing in the world. Oh, and according to research it makes you seem more attractive! Go crazy girls.

What thing perk you up on Monday mornings? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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