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18 Ways to Detox Your Home and Your Life

by Vivian KELLY ,
18 Ways to Detox Your Home and Your Life© Tumblr

Feel like your life's in need of a major makeover? Feeling down, sluggish or frozen in time? Do yourself a favour and give your home and general life the spring clean it deserves. For more energy, a clear mind and positive change follow these 18 easy steps for a healthier, happier YOU. Go on, you won't regret it...

1. Know the dirty dozen

Forgetting to rinse your vegetables and fruit is a toxic crime. Even rinsing isn't enough to get all the grime off! But we get that buying organic foods all the time can be pretty expensive. Our advice? Be selective.

​Try going for organic produce that requires you to eat the skin, such as apples or potatoes. It's a good idea to educate yourself on the 'dirty dozen' which is a list of the top 12 produce containing the highest pesticide residue. Check out the latest list for 2014 here and get shopping!

2. Be smart with your herbicides

We all love a bit of gardening every now and then, especially when the weather is holding up, but DON'T go crazy with herbicides. No one likes a weed, but it's important to know that weed-whacking chemicals are killer to human body cells.

​Yep, sounds extreme, but it's true. Instead go for natural herbicides to mend your lawn. Composting is a great gardening method too!

3. Shop at your local farmers' market

The food we buy in-store is full of pesticides and other nasties so if you don't wash them well, they can be particularly toxic.

​A better solution would be to hit up your local farmers market and buy fresh produce from there. The fruit and veg is fresher, less chemically induced and cheaper! No reason not to, right?

4. Set a budget

Detoxing your life isn't just about your body and mind! Create a budget that works for you and work towards your financial goals. You don't have to spend all your money each month nor do you have to save every last penny. Re-energise your finances and work towards a goal. You'll feel A LOT better about yourself and life!

5. Quit spending money on pointless things

By all means, enjoy the money you earn! But sometimes our lives become cluttered with the unnecessary things we buy.

​Things like this can promote unnecessary stress because we have no where to put these pointless purchases and a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Be wise, and really think about what you're buying.

6. Get rid of crappy friends (i.e. people that pay no attention to you)

Spending time with people who drag us down and make us feel bad about ourselves is just as toxic to your mind as chemicals are to your body.

​Life coach and NLP expert, Rebecca Fredericks says, "Surround yourself with people who inspire, motivate, support, encourage and love you for who you are. You can tell who these people are because you will look forwards to seeing them and feel great about yourself having seen them. Consciously decide to spend more time with these people and less time with the energy sappers."

​YOU choose who is worth your time.

7. Make DIY cleaning products

Most products we buy in-store are chock full of chemicals so why not ty whipping up your very own homemade cleaning products?

Author of Toxic World, Toxic People, Anna Rodgers says, "Regular cleaning products are made up entirely with chemicals. They can trigger off migraines and some of the ingredients can even cause cancer according to some animal studies."

​​All you need is a handful ingredients! White vinegar, baking soda and essential oils are three of the most effective ingredients you can use. And, they're all natural!

​To get the most out of your pantry AND your cleaning check out these all natural recipes for DIY green cleaning. Alternatively, you can buy natural cleaning products such as Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap or Soap Nuts! Once you go natural, you'll never go back.

8. Keep your shoes off indoors

This may seem like an unusual idea in Western countries, however you'll find that in many Asian countries removing your shoes is a common practice.

​Removing your shoes avoids treading dirt throughout your home and keeps it clean. It also helps reduce smell and maintain the quality of your floors! Take it from the Japanese - who are amongst the cleanest in the world.

9. Limit your social media

Logging on to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts can take up hours of our time each week so the less socialising we do virtually, the more time we have for socialising in person, which means stronger relationships and better wellbeing.

​It's all about balance here. Try limiting your time to one hour a day on social media - your mood may surprise you!

10. Recycle

Not only does recycling help preserve natural resources and save energy, it also helps reduce the amount of toxins in your home while also making you feel like you're making a difference to the environment. And YOU ARE!

11. Organise your stuff

Nothing's more mind boggling than a messy home. Start putting things away and give them a 'home'. An organised home will put you at ease and overall will make you feel happier. Go on - do it already!

12. Drink herbal teas

Drinking lots of pure water and tea will help you cleanse your body and get ride of harmful toxins. Try milk thistle or dandelion tea for optimum cleansing.

​Failing that, drink a cup of soothing green tea with every meal - the benefits will help minimise bacteria reducing your risk of illness while also fighting cavities and bad breath. Hey, what more could you want?

13. Declutter your home - throw away, thrift, sell

Clutter is a force for anxiety. Rebecca says, "The more stuff we have, the more places we need to find to put it in, the more time it takes us to find the stuff we really do want and need, and the more dust gathers. So, if you have surplus ‘stuff’ everywhere, it’s time for a spring clean. Be ruthless!

As a rule of thumb, Rebecca recommends throwing away or giving to charity anything that you haven’t worn, used, sat on, thought about or noticed in the last 6 months. "Make space in your home, and in your mind. It may be a little bit scary, but you will feel a huge, heavy weight lifted off your shoulders as soon as you’re done. And you can feel good about all that money you’ve raised for charity!" Inspired, yet?

14. Get some houseplants

You may have never though about it, but indoor plants actually have a slew of healthy benefits. Houseplants will help purify the air you breathe and in turn improve your health. Buy a few pots for your home and make sure to water them regularly! The benefits are worth it.

15. Think positive

Overcoming negative thoughts and thinking positively can be more difficult than we think. Bad experiences, grudges and bitter attitudes can fester and become ingrained. The mind has a bigger influence than we think so make sure you're in control.

Rebecca recommends writing down your thoughts each day and replacing the negative with positive ones. Once this becomes a common practice and you stop yourself from gloomy thoughts you'll find yourself in a much better place.

16. Get more sleep

Don't scrimp on sleep! Many of us are deprived of sleep every night, but without it our bodies can't function in the ways it needs to. Aim for at least 8 hours a day and make it a priority to get enough sleep. (No problem for us!)

17. Use natural skincare products

Change up your beauty arsenal. Switch chemical-laden products with all natural ones, such as Josh Rosebrook's range at A Beautiful World

"Entirely pure and natural ingredients are the original source of nutrients for the skin and hair. Highly formulated natural products can deliver visible results safely and in the long term," says hair and skincare expert, Josh Rosebrook. Never compromise your beauty!

18. Spend more time with loved ones

Spending time with the people you love the most will help you feel more positive. Visit a friend or arrange family time once a week - there's nothing like friends and family to de-stress you!

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