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#GirlfriendGratitude: 11 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Woman

by Vivian KELLY ,
#GirlfriendGratitude: 11 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Woman© We Heart It

Ladies, it’s International Women’s Day today so what better time to let your man know just how special you are to him? After all, you know guys aren't into all that mushy stuff. Show this to your partner and see if he agrees. We're sure he will...

1. Super support

You encourage him with whatever his goals are and always know how to make him smile through the good times and the bad. Your his cheerleader.

2. Affection overload

He doesn't know anyone more loving than you. Everyday you make sure to plant a big fat kiss on his face and make sure he knows how much you love him.

3. Personal nurse

Whether he's had a tough day at work or he's got man flu you will drop anything to be there and make sure he's okay. Hot soup in bed, medicine haul and lots and lots of love. And, you absolutely love doing it.

4. Destress

If you know he's going through a rough time at work, working late, revising for exams and generally feeling less that great you always know how to lift him back up. Fixing his stresses is what you do.

5. Cleaning habits

You always put up with his messy cleaning habits. You'll even do the washing up (as long as he takes the bins out). And if he's really good, you might even do his laundry.

6. You know him best

You never force him to tell you what’s up but you'll always be sensitive. Women are emotionally intelligent creatures - we know when you’re not okay.

7. You're a fighter

You're not the kind of girl he can just boss around. When you're angry or having a fight you demand respect but you know that you won't always see eye to eye.

8. His is imperfect is perfection

You love his good looks just as much as you love his bad temper. You make him feel like he can be yourself around you. That’s what makes loving him so perfect.

9. You blow his mind

You couldn’t imagine sex with anyone else. The way you stroke his leg when you’re out with friends, the way you stroke his palm to show him how you want it, the way you send your spontaneous videos of yourself when you're alone - it’s damn HOT.

​10. You get man dates

You trust him to go out with mates and have fun, in fact, you encourage it. You respect his friends and are always keen to get involved where you can.

11. Unconditional love

You never question your love for him. You know that if he can count on anyone it’s you, heck you’d be happy to push him around in a wheel chair his whole life if you had to.

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Vivian KELLY
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