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Model Rejected By Agent Because of Her Hips Becomes Face of Global Lingerie Brand

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Model Rejected By Agent Because of Her Hips Becomes Face of Global Lingerie Brand

Iskra Lawrence is a woman we love. With over 1 million Instagram followers, she celebrates her incredible curves and inspires fans everywhere with her undoctored images and the message to love your body. Since she told LadBible that she once rejected by an agent as her "hips were too big," we were delighted to hear that she is now the face of Aerie, American Eagle's lingerie line. Go girl!

After being rejected at the of 16 by an agent who claimed her "hips were too big," Iskra has shown haters everywhere how the fashion world is changing by becoming the face of Aerie. Rather than hiding her curves and all of the natural things that go with like stretch marks and cellulite, Iskra refreshingly shows off her flaws, proving how proud she was of her body.

She said: "What does confidence mean to you? ...Here's what It means to me. Accepting who you are and realising you are perfectly imperfect. You are me at [sic] to be you, and you are a gift to this world. Knowing that perfect doesn't exist so loving your so called "flaws"... your back rolls, & strips because you are good enough."


​Iskra has previously told LadBible how she doesn't appreciate being labelled as a plus sized model, as it suggests that her curves aren't normal when that is not the case. She said: ."Because I represent women, by calling me plus-size you call 60-70% of women plus size and they don't want to be labelled like that."

Brb, going to go bikini shopping without hating ourselves! Do you like Iskra's message? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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