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No Dream Job And A Total Mess? 21 Things All Twentysomethings Need To Stop Fretting Over

by Vivian KELLY ,
No Dream Job And A Total Mess? 21 Things All Twentysomethings Need To Stop Fretting Over© Getty

Your twenties are are all about having fun, right? Wrong. From our own experience, your twenties are all high expectations, being way too hard on yourself and giving too much of a damn. But to hell with all this pressure. Here's 21 things us twentysomethings need to stop worrying about, RIGHT NOW. Ladies, listen up…

1. The need to get a high paid job

All entry level jobs earn you nothing nowadays - most of us are poorer than we were at uni! That's graduate life for you...

2. Getting sh*faced

So you had a massive night out and embarrassed the crap out of yourself. AND?

OK. You're not at uni anymore, but that doesn't mean you can’t go bat sh*t crazy from time to time. Enjoy - time waits for no one!

3. The need for a boyfriend

No woman needs a man to hold her down. Let go of the need to have a boyfriend all the time, in your twenties it’s ALL about being independent, girl. Thrive on it.

4. ...Or keeping your man

Never linger on the possibility that your man is going to leave you. It goes both ways - be the best you can be and expect the same in return. Nothing less. Nothing more.

5. Using social media "too much"

Whether it’s looking for a job, promoting your career profile or finding a soulmate, most of us use social media day-to-day (it’s the modern way of connecting). So it’s kinda of vital. Use it.

6. Thinking about marriage

Twenty-four and #foreveralone already? Seriously? Get over it. Being single in your twenties is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

7. Cooking ready meals

Just because you have your first 'big girl' job and are now cashing in doesn’t mean you need to go all gourmet. Screw the health fiends. It’s perfectly acceptable to make a ready meal once and a while.

8. Getting fit

Every year we do the same damn thing to ourselves. Working out and staying committed five days a week? Sure. Love your body for what it is. We don't all come in one size.

9. Being anti-social

If you’re quite happy to stay in on a Friday night with pizza and Netflix then so be it. We spend WAY too much time thinking we're obligated to go out just because we're 'young'. If you fancy a night in, stay the hell in!

10. Living with other people

Most of us can’t afford a mortgage let alone rent (so try to put up with your annoying housemate for a little bit longer). Everyone goes through it.

11. Being popular

There’s no need to Instagram every little detail about your life and consistently post it on Facebook. Life is less than perfect - you ain't fooling anyone.

12. Growing apart from old friends

Friends come and go! So don’t fret, people leave our lives for a reason and just as old one's leave, new one's come along. It's not quantity that matters, it's quality.

13. Freaking out because you’re old

If the first thing you say on every birthday of your twenties is "I'M GETTING OLD!" you need to pipe down. It's such an unnecessary freak out. Your life has only just begun!

14. Getting your dream job

Scoring your dream job in your twenties is NOT essential. Embrace the time you have while working your way up. Life is short!

15. Having your sh*t together

At what age do we EVER have our sh*t together? Don't dwell on the fact that your life is messy and out of control. Learn from your mistakes and grow to be the person who you aspire to be.

​Trust in the process.

16. Pretending you have a great life

Being the listening ear to your friends is great, but don't try to make it out as if you have the 'perfect life'. Indulge in human interactions and have a meaningful conversation. Go deep.

Take down that facade. ​Sometimes letting things out and talking things through will help sort out your thoughts and help you move on.

17. Not being passionate about politics, religion, culture

We all have some sort of expectation that when we're older, we should have at least a few intellectual interests.

But... Politics? Dirty game. Culture? Who cares. Religion? It's not for me. Case in point, it's your life and YOU choose what you have a passion for not what others hope you would.

18. Travelling

There are so many reasons to travel while you're young, but if you don't get to it because your spending time on your career, friends or family, don't sweat - everyone has their chance to take on the world!

19. Being in debt

We're all carrying thousands of pounds in debt (not to mention those maxed out credit cards that got us through university). But money comes and goes, don't cause yourself stress and anxiety on something that is inevitable!

20. Stacking up on designer stuff

Chanel? Prada? Mulberry? You don't have to live off tuna cans for the next two months just to prove you can afford designer labels. It's wasteful - don't bother.

21. Doing the right thing

Being moral and doing the right things is a virtue everyone hopes to have. But sometimes we make mistakes. Hey, we're only human. Learn from them and appreciate what you've learned.

What else do we think us twentysomethings need to stop worrying about? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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