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The Social Media Lie: What We Instagram vs. What Actually Happened

by Lindsay Reed ,
The Social Media Lie: What We Instagram vs. What Actually Happened© WeHeartIt

What we put on our Instagram is a direct depiction of our oh-so amazing lives, right? Lies! Whether you're half way around the world or in your bedroom, the majority of the time what we upload looks far, FAR cooler than it really is. How else are we supposed get through the monotony of our daily grind if we can't put a filter on it? Here's what we instagrammed vs. what actually happened.

We've all posted something on Instagram to show people how exciting and AH-mazing our lives are. Just admit it.

​But most of the time behind the scenes we're all tired, broke and sat in our onesies desperately trying to keep up with each other's antics one 'like' at a time. That doesn't mean we are going to stop doing it though...

At the end of the day, if you didn't Instagram it, did it really happen? Here's our version of what we Instagram vs. reality:

The Collage

What It Looks Like: My Life is so amazing I had to show you a little bit of everything I did today. Memories don't save themselves!

What Actually Happened: I spent so much of my day trying to take the perfect pictures to create this collage, that I didn't get to enjoy any of it.

The Artistic Bagel

What It Looks Like: Delicious bagel with fig and scallion cream cheese, please! What a beautiful day to be alive!

What Actually Happened: I'm so hungover and can't wait for today to be over. Oh, and if I don't eat this I will probably die.

The Green Juice

What It Looks Like: Eating clean is the only way to be! Who needs solid food anyway? Gwyneth Paltrow in the making over here. If only I could Instagram while I spin to show you just how healthy I am!

What Actually Happened: This tastes like grass and I can't believe I just spent £7 on 2 bananas, a cup of spinach, an apple and 43 blueberries. And I want a bagel.

From Where I stand

What It Looks Like: My new shoes are so cute and just happen to coordinate flawlessly with where I am standing. It's funny how life works out sometimes.

What Actually Happened: It took me 22 minutes to take this picture standing in approximately 14 different spots; one of which included risking my life standing in the middle of the street.

The Shopping Spree

What It Looks Like: Just another Saturday shopping in Soho. If only I had more hands to hold all these heavy shopping bags!

What Actually Happened: Well there goes this month's rent. Help me, I'm poor.

The Post-Workout

What It Looks Like: I don't sweat and my workout clothes ALWAYS match. And yes, I work out with my hair done and sunnies!

What Actually Happened: I ran for 4 minutes, walked 0.5 miles and called it a day. Time for Netflix!

The Trendy Brunch

What It Looks Like: Everything I eat must be as chic as I - and match my sunglasses. Oh, and I only eat at restaurants where the tablescape matches my order.

What Actually Happened: I stood on my chair to take this picture and almost got kicked out of the restaurant. And now my food is cold...

The Party Shot

What It Looks Like: Just hanging out with 200 of my closest friends at the party of the century! An amazing DJ (that I've never heard of), extravagant decorations, and unlimited booze, what more could you ask for? I'm having so much fun, please look at me and be jealous of my super cool life!

What Actually Happened: Who are these people and why will nobody talk to me. I guess I will just sit on my phone some more while I pretend to text my so-called friends.

The Packing Picture

What It Looks Like: Yes, why of course I only pack clothes and accessories that coordinate in the same color scheme. I am so organised, it kills me.

What Actually Happened: These are the only half-decent clothes I own. The rest of my sh*tty wardrobe is all over my floor, wrinkled, in tiny balls. And my suitcase does not look like it's going to shut anytime soon either...FML.

The Misspelled Name On My Coffee

What It Looks Like: Hey, the Starbucks barista spelt my name absurdly wrong! LOLS. Look at my fabulous on-the-go lifestyle.

What Actually Happened: I haven't slept in 56 hours and probably said the wrong name. Who am I?

The Sunset

What It Looks Like: I spent the whole day exploring and adventuring outside to become one with nature and find myself whilst capturing this awesome shot. Someone give me a profesh photography job already!

What Actually Happened: I saw someone else Instagram the pretty purple, blue and pink sky so I ran out and got one for myself. Back to the couch I go!

The Purse Next To Flowers Shot

What It Looks Like: How convenient, a flower pot of this season's most popular bud that just happens to match my new investment! Look at what I just bought myself, world!

What Actually Happened: This is extremely awkward holding my new Chanel this close to dirt.

The Selfie

What It Looks Like: I'm so bored, let me just have a mini photo shoot by myself to glorify my beauty. And in case you were wondering, yes, I woke up like this.

What Actually Happened: 105 pictures in, an Afterlight edit, 2 filters, and voilà! Ready for my Wilhelmina contract!

Sound familiar?

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