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10 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fitness Motivation

by Maria Bell ,
10 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fitness Motivation

If you’ve made the commitment to get fit and healthy we're telling you now, there will be times when you'll need some serious fitness motivation to stay on track. Rather than blue tacking pictures of Miranda Kerr to your fridge door or repeating, "I have the same hours in the day as Beyonce" to yourself, all you need to do is look at your Instagram feed for instant inspiration. We've found the 10 best fitspo Instagram accounts for you follow - now!

  1. · @Fitgirlfuel
  2. · @jenlselter
  3. · @muffintopless
  4. · @yoga_girl
  5. · @CleanEatz
  6. · @melissaambrosini
  7. · @nataliejillfit
  8. · @sportsluxe
  9. · @ryancrownsjuiceclub
  10. · @ashruns

Looking at pictures of gym bunnies and yogis working their incredible bodies' to the bone could be seen as a kind of self-inflicted, social media fueled torture, but we don't see it that way.

​Plenty of women (and men) create these accounts as ways to motivate and help others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle; giving hints, tips and advice along the way - pretty generous huh?

Whether it's exercises, diet tips, motivation, or just needing to know you're not the only one struggling sometimes, these are the accounts you need to get following, fast.

So here's our pick of the 10 best Instagram accounts for fitness motivation. We promise you'll be wanting to get back in that gym in no time.

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1. @Fitgirlfuel

What we love about Fitgirlfuel is the fact that, although this girl works out like a boss and has the body to show for it, she still eats the kind of food we want to munch on every, single, day.

Expect lots of shots of her personal progress, which she puts down to switching from being a cardio bunny to doing strength training. But she isn't all about living in the gym, Fitgirlfuel also uploads loads of mouthwatering pictures of personal recipes for healthy alternatives to your favourite snacks too. Hint: if you're a fan of waffles, you'll LOVE her.

She also goes into real detail with every post so you can understand and replicate her success. What makes her such a worthwhile follow is that she tells it straight - to get to where you want to be, you've got to work hard at it, but don't kill yourself doing it. Everyone needs to enjoy life once in a while!

2. @jenlselter

If there was ever a bum to beat Kim Kardashian's, it's got to be fitness motivator, @jenlselter. Her Instagram account has amassed over 1.3 million followers all eager to see pictures of her working on her super-toned asset.

Although it might seem slightly narcissistic to look at pictures of her immaculate belfie's all day long, there's no doubt that it will get you thinking about how a little hard work can go a long way.

3. @muffintopless

If you're a fan of your fitness and healthy living mantras then you're really in luck here. @muffintopless is all about letting people know it's all about putting in what you want to get out of your fitness journey by doing exactly that.

From doing an IronMan to uploading various workouts and routines that you can try at home, this girl means business and is genuinely pretty inspiring.

4. @yoga_girl

For all of those who hate the gym and can think of nothing worse than sweating it out in a cardio class, this is the motivational account for you. Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher who travels the world taking pictures of her yoga moves - sickening right? Wrong.

Rachel comes across really well and is genuinely really helpful posting tips for improving your yoga as well as how tos of difficult moves. Although her pictures make you realise how much being stuck behind a desk all day really does suck, she also is pretty inspiring too and lets you know that hitting the gym isn't the only way to body beautiful.

5. @CleanEatz

CleanEatz is a joint account held by two regular girls who love eating healthily and working out and want to motivate others to do the same - simple motto with massive success.

Pictures range from seriously delicious looking healthy meals, motivational mantras and enlightening facts about healthy foods and how to change your diet for the better.

As well as their own pictures, they also shout out to other accounts and success stories so you can follow their transformation too. Recently hitting over 100,000 followers, we predict they're going to keep rising fast.

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6. @melissaambrosini

We love stalking, er we mean, taking in the positive vibes from Melissa Ambrosini's Instagram feed. She's a life coach, speaker and writer focused on wellness and empowering women.

There's a healthy balance between photos of her workout routine, healthy eating tips and ideas and positive quotes of encouragement to keep going. Although too many mantras can make your stomach churn, following Melissa has become our guilty pleasure - we suggest she becomes yours too.


If you don't get excited to workout after following @nataliejillfit, we don't know what will do it. Natalie's a trained sports nutritionist with her own workout regime, basically, she means business. Every day there's a new move to be learnt from her videos and with over 200,000 followers, Natalie's got to be doing something right.

8. @sportsluxe

One way to make sure you're going to get out there and train is to have one killer workout wardrobe. That's why we can't get enough of @sportsluxe's Instagram feed. With constant updates of the latest fitness gear she's wearing, (and you need to be buying), this feed brings a whole other dimension to looking fit.

9. @ryancrownsjuiceclub

Pledging to eat healthily and then actually doing it in your everyday life are two very different things. With @ryancrownsjuiceclub, you get daily tips and tricks on various superfoods, why they're good for you and how you can work them into your diet all in one handy picture. They also look beautiful too, hey, it's Instagram after all.

10. @ashruns

Yes exercise gives you a massive high, but if you're training for a 10k or Marathon, braving the winter wind and rain every other day can leave you in total misery. That's why following an account like @ashruns100s can be so helpful.

Although she's running 100 mile races (we're gasping too) in places a whole lot more beautiful than the ones you'll most likely running in, she is at it outdoors come rain or shine. Posting pictures of her amazing surroundings, training gear and intense workouts, it's hard not to be encouraged by her incredible commitment.

Got your trainers on yet? Let us know how you get on with these accounts or let us know about your favourites by tweeting us at @sofeminineUK.

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