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Zebra Tans and Cruddy Feet? 26 British Girl Summer Problems - REVEALED!

by Vivian KELLY ,
Zebra Tans and Cruddy Feet? 26 British Girl Summer Problems - REVEALED!© Google Images

Sweltering hot rooms, ghostly white legs and mega stressful styling dilemmas? Don't get us wrong, we love British summertime...but with lovely warm weather comes a whole host of uncommon things us British girls just ain't used to yet. Got some in mind already? Here are 26 summer problems every British girl can relate to...

1. Crusty feet

OK - we’re not all that bad, but once the sunny weather comes round there’s NO hiding ugly bunion feet and painful blisters anymore. Time for those monthly pedis now girls. And don't forget to lotion those feet!

2. Deodorant essential

B.O. or not - British gals are OBSESSED with deodorant during this time of the year. There’s just something oh-so-refreshing about it. It's probably because we're so excited to finally be perspiring. Sweat means heat. Heat means summer! Pass the deodorant now!

3. Mix matching

Only in Britain can you pull off boots and a light coat in the midst of summer.

4. Umbrellas

It's an accessory that's in EVERY season for British girls. Sob.

5. Pale as anything

Girls never really appreciate how great they look in their winter ensembles. No one ever knows what lies under all those layers, including that pale-pasty skin! Which is why we're left with...

6. Streaky summer tans

Fake Bake, St Tropez and Garnier? Yep, they’re our go-to bronzers for warm sunny days! But fake tans never come easy. British girls always end up looking like a human zebra. NOT the look we were going for.

7. Getting ashy

Lets face it, even though our skin resembles a crocodile during winter, winter fashion gives us an excuse not to EVER bother moisturising. So when it’s time to get the pins out, they are as ashy as ANYTHING. One word: Embarrassing.

8. Alcohol cravings

Not that the British don’t drink enough, but when the sun's pounding and there’s nothing but people flooding nearby pubs early on a Friday afternoon you can’t help but crave one of these three summer drinks: Pimms, Cider, and Spritzers. Can we have one now?

9. Transition problems

Every week it’s the ‘hottest day of the year’, apparently. And just when you think it’s time to unbury your summer wardrobe it’s winter ALL OVER again. What the HELL is up with that?

10. Chilly nights

OK, so summer is finally here, but don’t expect to go on a night out without a coat. It still gets pretty freaking cold in the evenings (summer or not).

11. Men aren’t as hot

Don’t say it hasn’t happened to you! When guys start peeling off their winter layers and there’s no body armour to be seen, you realise he’s not really as good looking as you thought. #fail

12. Revealing yourself

Just as it is for men, the same goes for women - there’s a lotta of wobbly bits hiding under those clothes and there's no way we're getting out of it...

13. To wear tights or not to wear tights?

Without our jeans on our legs are ghostly looking and feel so damn naked. Our solution? Nude tights! Yes, tights in summer. Marks & Spencer do toeless versions too! Stock up!

14. English tea is STILL a ritual

We don't give a crap if temperatures reach scorching hot levels, we’ll never make a version of ‘cold english tea’ here in the UK. Whatever the season, whatever the weather there’s always time for a spot of hot English tea. Are you with us?

15. Melting pot rooms

Every year it gets hotter and hotter, but that doesn’t convince anyone to start installing AC units into our homes. Get ready for melting faces, sweaty pits and hot and bothered attitudes. Opening the windows is NOT enough!

16. The common becomes your local beach

Most of us know that as soon as summer arrives your local common becomes your local beach (minus the water and sand). Sunbathing in bikinis, sweet picnics and frisbee games? Yup, we always make the most of what we have.

17. Summer selfies

There’s nothing like a good ole summer selfie. Hot dog legs, wash board stomachs and modelesque beach poses. Hey, it's just a bit of fun. Don't hate.

18. Single life is GOOD

In winter you want nothing more than to be in a relationship but once summer festivals, BBQs and outdoor festivities come round single has never felt better baby!

19. Festivals

There’s a huge difference between summer wear and festival wear. Crop tops, Bermuda shorts, Aztec waist belts, chocker necklaces and daisy headbands? (It's actually our excuse to do more shopping.)

20. Wedding season...

… means you’re broke-ass. Three weddings and two engagements? FML. Are there even enough venues for all these people?

21. Wearing sunnies

We love making use of our sunnies during summer, but it’d be nicer to wearing them over our eyes rather than our heads. Damn you overcast!

22. Where to next?

Summer means SUMMER HOLIDAYS b*tches. Where to next ladies?

23. Painstaking hair removal

Waxes become obligatory and regular. Oh and shaving is like an everyday thing. Hurrah. NOT.

24. Starving yourself

Sadly, there’s no excuse for comfort food anymore. Living off salads and juicing it up? We'd rather not thanks, but summertime means everyone’s competing to get the hottest bikini bod, which is probably why we always need a drink to take our mind off the BBQs.

25. Shopping sprees at Primark

We NEVER have anything to wear during summer, (probably because it's all from Primark and has a six month expiry date), but who cares, Primark, here we come!

26. We cringe every time…

...those summer investment pieces go on sale - screw the summer sales!

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