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A women's anti-perspirant and deodorant that works!

by Isabelle O'Carroll ,
A women's anti-perspirant and deodorant that works!

We've tried all sorts of women's anti-perspirants and deodorants at SoFeminine but still those pesky sweat patches threaten to ruin our lovely summer outfits.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go for something stronger than your usual flimsy body spray or roll-on.

This past long weekend has been glorious - temperatures have tipped 28 degrees and we're pleased to report we remained dry! How? Well we gave Mitchum a go.

Mitchum anti-perspirant and deodorant comes in up to four fragrances: Powder fresh, shower fresh, waterlily and unperfumed. It has Aloe and Vitamin E and offers 48hr protection from wetness.

It comes in Aerosol, roll on and stick. Here's what we thought:

Tried by Anna, 30, Editor

"First of all I'd advise you open a window before you spray. The fumes are awful. I thought I'd asphyxiated by fiancé the amount he spluttered when I first applied this stuff. It doesn't smell pretty but it is super dry. I still got a bit clammy but nothing like I normally would cycling and sitting in the sun all day. Showering the next day, my underarms still felt dry as if they were sucking up any moisture. Good result but I hated the fumes."

Tried by Claire, 28, Administrator

"I'm more of a roll on girl but actually I loved the stick format. I like the way it doesn't make my armpits feel wet like roll ons do. I felt confident in putting my clothes straight on rather than waiting until by deodorant had dried. The Mitchum stick lasted all day, all night and the next morning I was still feeling pretty odourless and dry. I'd never go a day without a shower but if I absolutely had to then I could have with this stuff on. I think I'm converted!"

Mitchum Advance Control deodorant and anti-perspirants
from £2.89 from Boots

Isabelle O'Carroll
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