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21 Brilliant Harry Potter Book Moments That Didn’t Make The Movies
All Harry Potter book readers will know that the movies are pretty different to the original source material. There's so much going on in the seven-book series that eight movies couldn't possibly have squished every morsel into the movies...
Sam Smith's James Bond Tune 'Writing's On The Wall' Is Here And As Amazing As You'd Expect
If anything was going to force us to pause our 'Fave Glee tunes' Spotify playlist, it's Sam Smith's brand new single for the latest James Bond caper: Spectre. The unique British singer has followed the footsteps of Shirley Bassey, Madonna and Adele and honestly? This might be our favourite one yet...
Spotted! Blair From Gossip Girl And Seth From The OC Just Had A Baby Together And Her Name Is Oh-So-Cute
Attention Upper East Siders! Queen B has given birth to her first baby and it looks like Chuck Bass isn't the baby daddy. Is this the end of Chair, or will Chuck refuse to go down without a fight? You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl...
We Rode Smart Gliders Around London And Loved Every Minute Of It
When the Sofeminine office was invited to try out the newest fad to avoid walking, the Smart Glider, we knew we were in for a fun, potentially spinal damaging time.
Celebrities Are Doing 15-Second-Shakespeare Spoofs And They Are The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day
Shakespeare is that guy who lived a few hundreds years ago and taught actors a whole lot about comedy, tragedy, and delivering lines with a brooding intensity only suitable to roles such as Hamlet's Ophelia, or A Midsummer Night's Dream's Oberon, or Macbeth's...
Beware All Posers! Selfies Killed More People Than Sharks Last Year
Sharks are scary. They have razor sharp teeth, they're followed around by a Jaws soundtrack, and they EAT PEOPLE ALIVE. We thought it was fair enough to avoid shark-invested waters in case of being a fish's dinner...
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Apparently In The Final Stages To Adopt Syrian Orphan
Is the Jolie-Pitt clan getting a new member? According the RadarOnline, Hollywood's power couple are finalising plans to adopt a Syrian orphan. Although this is yet to be confirmed, we wouldn't be at...
5 Things You Need To Know About Harry Potter's Family
Does it seem odd to you that we know basically nothing about Harry's Dad James's family? We know all about Lily's sister and her parents. We also know that James was pureblood, and that he came from an old Wizarding family, but they never seem to come up...
This 10-Year-Old Comedian Is Hilarious And Terrifying In Equal Measure
Saffron Herndon is 10 years old, a huge Nirvana fan, and is an up-and-coming hilarious new talent on the American comedy circuit. Let us say it again: she's TEN. Wondering what you've done with your life so far? So are we...
Ryan Reynolds Finding Out Friend Tried To Sell Photos Of His Newborn "Felt Like A Death"
When you become a world famous movie star, it must be difficult to know who to trust, and those people that you do bring into the circle must be incredibly important to you. So we can only imagine how...
Stay Calm Star Wars Fans: Hayden Christensen Might Be Returning For Episode VIII
Any Star Wars fans will know that the prequels were sort of kind of not good. Sure, the fights scenes were pretty good. The storylines were...okay...but then there was the dialogue! The acting! Specifically, Hayden Christensen's acting...
Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Have Hit Friendship Goals AGAIN
It would be a slight understatement to say that we are obsessed and jealous by the sparkling new friendship between Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and America's comedy 'it' girl, Amy Schumer...
15 Twitter Reactions To The David Cameron Pig Allegations Which Are Snoutrageously Funny
After a shocking unauthorised biography claimed that David Cameron once stuck his privates in a dead pigs mouth (ew. ew. ew.), the Internet has been in an uproar. Despite there being no evidence, and Cameron saying he "will not dignify" the tale by commenting...
This Little Girl Asking Her Parents To Be Friends Again Is REALLY Cute
We can only imagine how the parents of this little girl feel. Arguments happen in marriages, and sometimes we can get carried away with our emotions when someone just doesn't LISTEN (or is being really irritating in general, we're sure you understand)...
So Are We Going To Talk About Peter Dinklage's Man Bun?
Peter Dinklage is an incredibly talented actor and, as of last night, a two-time Emmy-award winner. We love him as Tyrion Lannister, and know he truly deserved the role. So now we've gotten all of the compliments out of the way, let's talk about what really matters...
Viola Davis Just Became The First Black Woman To Win The Emmy For Best Actress And Her Speech Is Amazing
Have you watched How To Get Away With Murder yet? You really, REALLY should. Viola Davis plays a top defence lawyer in charge of a group of law students who have committed a terrible crime which slowly unravels throughout the series...
The Emmy Awards 2015: The Winners And The Losers
We are in a golden age of television. The comedies and dramas have never been at a higher standard as they are now, and so last night it seemed that anyone could take home that coveted statuette! But who actually walked away victorious? Check it out...
Lady Gaga New Music Video Aims To Show Sexual Assault Survivors They Are Not Alone
Lady Gaga has released a music video to tie with new documentary The Hunting Ground in a project aimed at highlighting sexual assault in Universities. The song, entitled 'Till It Happens To You', shows...
QUIZ: Which 'Friends' Supporting Character Are You?
No one told you life was gonna be this way. Instead of having the choice of those main awesome six characters, this quiz faces a hard truth: not everyone can fit on that sofa. So what about the other characters who know they'll never really be part of the gang...
FriendsFest: The One Where Gunther Makes All Your Dreams Come True
FriendsFest, Comedy Central’s new shrine to the 21 year old comedy, is based on Brick Lane’s Boiler Room in London, and it’s almost impossible to find. If you managed to get tickets for the event, then congrats...
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