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Happy 40th Birthday Tom Hardy! 10 Times The Dunkirk Hottie Gave Us Life
Tom Hardy has been hot on the press at the moment with the release of Legend where he plays twin gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Although it's obvious Tom is a major talent in Hollywood at the moment...
Attention Harry Potter Fans: You've Been Saying Voldemort's Name Wrong For Years
If you have been brave enough to call He Who Must Not Be Named by his chosen title as the evil Lord of all, you might not have been quite as brave as you think because you've probably been saying it totally wrong...
15 Iconic Redheaded Female Characters We Are Completely Obsessed With
There's something about those fantastic female characters who rock the ginger. You think blondes and brunettes have all the fun, but the ginger's are always the ones who stick in your mind, right?! So move aside Cinderella and back off Holly Golightly...
21 Times Queen Elizabeth SLAYED With Her Facial Expressions
Today Queen Elizabeth II has officially become the longest reigning Monarch of all time, having rules for 63 years and seven months, taking the record over from Queen Victoria. Since we the British public tend to love the Queen like a particularly grumpy Granny...
Who Makes A Better Queen? Daenerys Targaryen Vs. Queen Elizabeth II
You’d think that Queen Elizabeth II, much beloved Queen of the Commonwealth realms, supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith and longest EVER reigning Monarch would be triumphant in this comparison...
Angelina Jolie Took Down The UN In Her Speech About Syrian Refugees
From receiving the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to her role as Special Envoy for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Angelina Jolie's humanitarian work is more than impressive...
Hipster Barbie's Instagram Account Is Every Annoying Person On Your Feed
You know that one person who posts faux-profound statements on Instagram attached to an image of them that is aimed to inspire (but also show how nice their hair and makeup and outfit looks)? You know how much they drive you CRAZY...
44 Stars With Acne Who Prove You're Not The Only One
Because of all of the stylists, the make-up teams and, of course, the photoshop, it's easy to forget that celebrities are human beings who can occasionally suffer an outbreak of spots, too. Yep you heard it here first, celebs can have flaws...
Female Stars With Ink Who Prove Tattoos Can Be Hella Sexy
Whether you think they're tasteful or tacky, celebrities LOVE their tats. From tiny, barely noticeable ankle tattoos to huge rose bum tattoos (we're looking at you, Cheryl), the A-crowd waste no time in permanently marking up their bods...
Happy Birthday Beyonce! Fans Who Are Taking The Celebrations WAY Too Far
Today is the flawless Goddess of music Beyonce's 34th birthday, and honestly? We're confused as to why we are all at work and this hasn't been declared an international holiday. However, while we celebrate the gold-dusted day of Beyonce's birth in our own special way...
Could This Be The Answer To Every Nutella Addict's Prayers?
If the constant theft of your sacred Nutella is causing rifts between you and your housemates and/or family members and/or cat, there is finally an answer to your problems! No longer will you reach for your Nutella to find to jar half full and full of crumbs...
This Toddler Singing Along To Les Miserables Is Freaking Adorable
If you're a fan of Les Miserables, you'll know there is a certain gravitas and intensity to the music, and that is essential that you recreate this every time you sing along to the musical, be it watching the movie...
There's A New Thing Called Divorce Selfies And It's Actually Not As Depressing As You Might Think
Unless you've been through it yourself, it seems impossible to imagine what it must feel like to separate from the person you once intended to spend your life with. But rather than commiserating the obviously sad situation...
WHAT! One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Might Not Be The Father After All
Get this lot onto the Jeremy Kyle Show! Insider sources have started to throw doubt regarding THAT baby daddy drama involving One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. Although Briana Jungwirth claims that her baby is Louis', this might not be the case...
Pitta Pockets And Fondling Fondant: 8 Things You Need To Know About GBBO Episode 5
It's been a year since the bakers were asked to make a family favourite dessert made from ice cream, and we all remember how that turned out. (#Bingate, anyone?) This week it was all about taking a cake and ruining it, which can only mean one thing: it's the Alternative Ingredients week...
Bette Midler Wants To Star In Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer's Movie And This Is What Dreams Are Made Of
DEVELOPMENT! We were pretty excited when we heard that our favourite Hunger Games actor Jennifer Lawrence and Trainwrecked star Amy Schumer have become BFFs and are writing movie together, but this news that Bette Midler wants to star has got us on a whole new level of ARGH...
Stop Everything: River Song Is Coming Back To Doctor Who
Whovians, rejoice! As many of you know (and if you don't know then careful, this post has spoilers *cue sultry River Song smirk and wink*), River is a time travelling architect, Amy and Rory Pond's daughter and the Doctor's wife...
What Disney Characters Would Look Like If Played By Their Voice Actors
Have you ever wondered what Disney characters would look like if they were actually played by their voice actors in real life? We'll give you a hint: it's sort of hilarious. From Tom Hanks in a plastic cowboy hat to Emma Thompson rocking that medieval Scottish vibe...
Miss Piggy Is Dating Liam Hemsworth And Nothing Makes Sense To Us Anymore
A little while ago, we brought you the devastating news that Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy had ended their marriage in order to see other muppets/people/pigs. Thing is, we never thought it would really happen, you know? We thought they’d give love another chance...
The Trailer For Eddie Redmayne's Film Of The First Transgender Woman Is Here And It's Incredible
The first trailer for Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne's latest movie, The Danish Girl, is finally here and good GRIEF that man can act! Eddie plays Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener, the first person to have successful...
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