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Restore Your Health And Vitality! How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally
Crappy moods, low energy and unexplained weight gain? These are all symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Before your mind skips straight to menopause, hormonal problems can actually affect women of ANY age and YOU could be one of them...
Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water
Everybody knows drinking water is good for you, but after reading just how good it really is you'll be stockpiling 2 litre bottles of Evian like there's no tomorrow. Not only does it keep us, oh we don't know, ALIVE but drinking water helps us stay flu-free, focused, and looking great...
Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water
Everybody knows drinking water is good for you, but after reading just how good it really is you'll be stockpiling 2 liter bottles of Evian like there's no tomorrow. Not only does it keep us, oh we don't know, ALIVE but drinking water helps us stay flu-free, focused, and looking great...
Pulled An All-nighter? 15 Ways To Survive On Less Sleep
Completely frazzled from the night before? Struggling to keep your eyes closed but no matchsticks to hand? Not sure how you're going to make it through the day? Don't panic. Despite a lack of sleep, there are a few simple things you can do to help you through the day...
Energy, Weight Loss and Brain Power: 10 Essential Health Benefits Of Iron
If you're feeling tired, winded and out of sorts you could be deficient in iron. This element is essential to our health in SO many different ways. So if you have NO explanations for feeling crappy and think you could be deficient (most women are...
Quit Smoking Timeline: The Health Benefits Of A Smoke-free Life
Winding down and relaxing without a cigarette may seem like a totally unrealistic goal to begin with but once you battle through the nicotine cravings and frustration, you'll find quitting smoking is a lot easier than you thought...
25 Reasons You're Feeling Tired All The Time
Sick of feeling so sluggish and sleepy all the time you're almost dropping off at your desk, but not sure what to do about it? We all love our beds, but life has a way of throwing us curveballs that can seriously effect the quality time we get with our pillows...
Good Bacteria? 11 Health Benefits of Adding Probiotics To Your Diet
Not all bacteria is bad for your health. In fact, the benefits of probiotics can only do your body good. ​From bloat-busting powers, to reducing your cholesterol to achieving flawless, glowing skin, probiotics can do a whole lot more than help you go number two (and that’s not even the half of it)...
Whiter Teeth And Radiant Skin? The Health And Beauty Benefits of Clay
Clay is not just for making pretty pottery people! Its external benefits can help clean, brighten, tighten and exfoliate your skin, all while internally helping to ward off ailments AND keep our tummy troubles at bay...
SPF Diet: 10 Foods To Protect Your Skin From The Sun
Did you know that slathering yourself in suncream isn't the only way to protect your skin from sun damage? Something we all tend to forget is that we can naturally boost our skin's protection simply by eating the right foods...
10 Things You ACTUALLY Need To Know About Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the sunshine vit that we just can't get enough of. Literally. It just isn't sunny enough in the UK and unsurprisingly over 50 per cent of Britons are deficient in this essential vitamin. It's probably why you feel lethargic and are prone to colds - talk about being under the weather...
More Than Just A Pong! All You Need To Know About The Amazing Benefits Of Garlic
Garlic, the underrated health hero better known to flavour dishes (and blamed for its bad breath tendencies) is our latest obsession. With infection fighting power, immune boosting vitamins and anti-ageing benefits, chowing down on garlic has never come so easy to us...
27 Habits Every Girl Should Pick Up In Her Twenties
Your twenties are the perfect decade to set yourself some good habits that'll last a lifetime. Here are the rules for a happier, healthier forever.
The Most Nutritious Superfood On Earth? 12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Spirulina
Clearly the Aztecs knew a thing or two about superfoods! This blue-green algae has been a vital source of health for centuries and for good reason. A spoonful of powder will have you bursting with energy and losing weight and it can even help your baby's development...
Monday To Friday Health Hacks: 17 Easy Ways To Make Your Days A Whole Lot Healthier
Want to be super heathy but can't find the time to prep your lunch or to go to that Tabata class? Making big changes to your lifestyle is no easy feat, but it's amazing what a few tiny tweaks can do. That's why we've come up with 17 ways to help you become more energetic...
The Truth About Lady Bits: 20 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Vagina
Your vagina is pretty damn amazing - it has the power to give birth, self-clean and keep you and your partner pretty happy (endorphins anyone?). But there's still a fair few facts about our vajayjays that might take you by surprise...
Make Your Morning Commute Count: Stimulate Your Brain Before Work
The commute to work can be a struggle, especially if you're pressed up against the doors of the train, dodging people's sneezes or sitting in never-ending traffic. It's easy to carry that stress and irritation...
The Best Ways To Add Fibre Into Your Diet
One nutrient that is totally underrated - and under-consumed - is fibre. A look at your diet may reveal that you're not eating the recommended amount of 25 grams per day. Fibre helps to keep you full and aids your digestive system in the process...
8 Ways To Stop Stressing and Bust Burnout
Crazy? Busy? Insane? Ridiculous? These words sum up your general wellbeing right now? Join the club. It seems stress has become a badge of honor in our world. But stress isn't cool. It's creativity-killing, insomnia-inducing, and your waistline's greatest enemy...
Oil Pulling: What It Is And Why You HAVE To Try It
Want white teeth, gorgeous gums and one seriously healthy body? Swilling oil for 20 minutes a day could get you just that. Yes, it sounds awful and most of you won't have ever heard of it, but trust us if the claims are true, oil pulling is one of the health world’s best kept secrets...
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