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Confident, Vain and Hard-Working? 10 Signs That You're Definitely A Leo

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Confident, Vain and Hard-Working? 10 Signs That You're Definitely A Leo© WeHeartIt

August is the season for Leos, so if you're extremely confident, kind of vain and too proud to accept help from anyone (even when you seriously need it), chances are that you are most definitely a leo. Get ready to learn some home truths about your personality, the good and the bad...

You're a hard worker

You tend to slave away at your job and don’t let any time go to waste. You should put that you're a Leo on your CV, employers will come running! (Disclaimer: do not actually do this).

You are notoriously confident

Leos are infamously confident so you make natural born leaders and pretty much thrive when you're the big boss. You're basically like Han Solo in every way - a natural leader, charismatic, but seriously cocky. Take notes kid.

You can be really proud

You know, sometime's it's okay to ask for help. Your extra helping of pride tends to hold you back more often than not, especially when you are criticised. You have a frail spider's web of an ego and if anything damages it you are immediately annoyed and on your guard, doing whatever you can to repair the damage. But just thinking, you'd probably never have gotten into that situation if you'd just asked for help.

You're a social butterfly

Your less admirable qualities never get in the way of you making friends. You have plenty of admirers as you have the ability to cheer people up and can brighten up a room. Basically a Leo is an essential part of any functioning friendship group.

You're a little vain.

Leo's have a great sense of self-worth, which is wonderful, but with that comes a giant ego. You can be pretty self-centred sometimes (and hey who can blame you? You're a WINNER!) but it can rub people up the wrong way, so watch out. You're most definitely a fan of the selfie, so try not to overload your Instagram with photos of yourself too much.

They can be extremely melodramatic

If you mess up for whatever reason you tend to launch straight into the dramatics. Sometimes this means your friends have to tiptoe round you so just remember to keep your cool even if inside you're bubbling with rage.

You're a big spender

You are so fun and fancy free with your money! This means that you're the perfect person to hang out with at a party, but by the end of the month you are ALWAYS skint and miserable. Lucky for you that your confidence and drive could lead to you earning the big bucks.

You are totally faithful

Once a lion has been snared into a trap (AKA a committed relationship) you are completely loyal. However, it’s sad to say that once you've broken up with your SO, there’s no going back. According to Psychic Guild: “For a Leo, when a relationship is over, really over, it is over for good.”

You're a BIG sore loser

You know it as well as your friends and family do: you are AWFUL at losing. You will even resort to cheating if it means you're not the first person out of a game. What we're trying to say is: put that Monopoly board AWAY.

You are super compatible

According to the stars, you can (and should) date an Aries or Sagittarius for fireworks, but relationships with other Leos will be also be intense. You can also have steamy relationships with Aquarius, Libras or Gemini’s. Sounds good to us! Plenty of choice.

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