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Your Weekly Horoscopes 19 – 25 December 2016

by Lareese Craig ,
Your Weekly Horoscopes 19 – 25 December 2016

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 19 – 25 December 2016. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.

A little info about our Astrologer, Fiona Graham:

As an established and popular stargazer with a media and entertainment background, she has an immaculate reputation for accessible horoscopes and is in demand as a personal astrologer, consulted by clients from all walks of life. She's the woman behind our weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, so whenever you need a little help from the universe, just check out Sofeminine's horoscopes to get her advice!


It is obvious that you are determined to make the most of this week, and as usual you’ll have a long list of last-minute jobs to get through. On Wednesday an especially bold idea will add the extra sparkle you are aiming for. You’ll have little trouble convincing those you love. By Friday you are in charge and can’t let stressful arguments take over. Events on Christmas Day will be especially meaningful.


The pressure always builds before Christmas, but it helps to realise how highly you are regarded by others. Certain conversations about cash imply a fresh start that will pay off into the New Year, but don’t let hasty words spoil a friendship. Embrace some unplanned celebrations without trying to control things, and you’ll feel some special chemistry with a stranger too. Spontaneous moves on Saturday will get your attention.


Being versatile, and a natural multi-tasker, you adapt to most things life throws at you. But be aware that petty squabbles will spoil the bigger picture now. A relationship is off to a steamy new start, and unusual plans will make things even more interesting. On Christmas Eve you’ll understand how to deal with others and impress at any social gathering. But someone else’s way with words may give you a run for your money.


Of course you are super-busy, but be sure not to end up taking on more than your fair share… You may have been overdoing things to get jobs finished, but solutions to problems will be on their way if you remain flexible and open-minded. By Sunday your loved-ones are your focus, of course, and someone makes you feel great too. A family member’s original attitude is an eye-opener this Christmas.


From the start of the week you’ll love basking in all the attention you receive. But trying to pin down someone in particular is a fruitless task. Sexy communication indicates the start of something new, but taking your time will be worthwhile. BySaturday you’ll make the most of the seasonal fun, and really going for it gets great results. You have more control than you realise. Christmas Day brings moments of truth too.


A major discussion - as early as possible - with friends and family will solve various problems that may have been looming. From midweek even the least reliable personality on the scene could turn over a new leaf… Someone is in a romantic mood too. Your closest relationships will feel especially connected, but you may also stumble on another well-kept family secret. It’s wise to try to go with the flow.


As usual there is last minute shopping to do, but try not to let money become a bone of contention between you and someone else. Inventive new plans should just increase the fun. After Thursday spontaneity will make Christmas even more special.From now onwards loved-ones will assist in the way you want them to, so be tolerant of someone’s strange ideas… Nobody can doubt your special role on the big day itself.


The saying ‘many hands make light work’ is appropriate – take this on and you’ll have a smoother time than you expect. You’ll also make someone’s week very special, although it pays to reconsider some preconceptions. At the weekend discussion goes far, and feeling good about yourself is attractive to others. This Christmas you’ll get to the nub of what is truly precious and really can avoid silly disagreements.


Of course you have more than enough to keep you occupied, but you are ready to take this on with a positive attitude. Then, by Wednesday you’ll be on top of almost everything, which amazes you as much as anyone. This festive weekend you’ll need to be extra organised so that Sunday lives up to your expectations. Words have greater significance than you expect, and knowing this is the best possible gift.


You’ll attract all the attention you could wish for this Christmas. But a drama involving friends – and a certain amount of gossip – really must be given a wide berth. On Friday your common sense helps lift the pressure off other people too. This weekend you should really get into the festive spirit, and the celebrations will be all the more fun if everyone pitches in to help. But, obviously, you are the belle of the ball.


Despite all the inevitable running around, make sure you find at least some time to relax. Numerous invitations are irresistible, so you’ll socialise with various people and enjoy their company in new ways. Surprises are in store, and by Saturday you are ready to handle these. Over the holidays enjoy the rapport between your partner and others; although someone’s darker side will be a bit of a challenge at times…


More than anyone you know how to spread the magic at this time of year. This is especially true now. A strong character is listening to your every word, and this will mean a lot to you. Over the weekend it’s wise to listen to others, even though having your say in how things are done is especially close to your heart. A relative will show how much they care, so allow yourself to be spoiled as you deserve to be.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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