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Sexy, Mysterious And Kind Of Jealous? 10 Signs That You’re A Total Scorpio

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Sexy, Mysterious And Kind Of Jealous? 10 Signs That You’re A Total Scorpio© WeHeartIt

Everyone thinks you're quiet because you have nothing to say but they couldn't be more wrong? You can't help but get jealous when you aren't invited somewhere? You're determined to go after exactly what you want? Yup, sounds like you're a Scorpio...

You were born between the 23rd October and 21st November but apart from people asking you when your birthday is, there are plenty of other ways people can tell if you are a Scorpio...

You are a bit of an enigma

You have some deep and intense thoughts and keep your feelings to yourself, which makes you pretty hard to understand. It also makes you a woman of mystery though, which is NEVER a bad thing.

You know what you want

You are one determined lady and nothing will tempt you away from your goals in life. NOTHING. This makes you pretty admirable and the envy of all those other star signs who have no clue what they want out of life!

You’re unswervingly loyal

You never forget a kindness, and so whenever you make a good friend, you are friends for life! You'd defend them through thick and thin, no matter what the offence (just as long as it isn't against you!).

Independent, yet needy

You lot are weird. You love you independence, but at the same time you hate it when people want some space from you. Same goes for relationships. You find it almost impossible to get into one, then once you’re in one you’re 100% committed.

Scorpios, we don’t get you.

Well jel

Beware of jealousy – it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on! Basically, chill out. There’s no need to get jel and possessive if a couple of your friends go for a meal without you or had a really great conversation you weren’t privy to. Scorpios definitely suffer from a serious case of FOMO.

You are SO sexy

Since you're mysterious, intense and passionate, NATURALLY you are hot hot HOT in the bedroom. With emotions that run as deep as yours, you might not be a one night stand kind of girl, but with a partner you are quite simply amazing.

You don't like being mocked

You love to tease and take the mick out of people, but can’t help but feel offended when they return it and mock you in kind. Lighten up! If you can give it, dear Scorpios, you should be able to take it!

You never forgive

You do not know how to let things go and find it VERY hard to drop a grudge when you think it is justified. We’re guessing that every single vengeful ghost with unfinished business is probably a Scorpio.

“I’m not a bitch, I just say what I think” – Every Scorpio ever

Scorpio’s can be pretty bitchy – if they don’t think you are worth their time, they will not give you the time of day. They have no problem saying ex-ac-tly what is on their minds if you’re on their bad side.

Aloof tendencies

You tend to be very level-headed and don’t overreact to anything. This is probably because of all those deep thoughts keeping you preoccupied, but it can appear as though you are indifferent to what’s going on around you!

Competitive streak

Because you are intelligent and determined, naturally you love winning, not that you let anyone know! On the surface you’re all ‘whatever’ when the Monopoly board comes out, but in your heart you KNOW you are bankrupting everyone in that game - or you’ll die trying.

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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