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Your Weekly Horoscopes In December

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Your Weekly Horoscopes In December

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 21st to 27th December. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.

A little info about our Astrologer, Fiona Graham:

As an established and popular stargazer with a media and entertainment background, she has an immaculate reputation for accessible horoscopes and is in demand as a personal astrologer, consulted by clients from all walks of life. She's the woman behind our weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, so whenever you need a little help from the universe, just check out Sofeminine's horoscopes to get her advice!


Get set to enjoy the week ahead, although someone’s sociable mood is not as innocent as it seems. Your real Christmas wishes are becoming crystal clear, but there’s a mystery to solve involving someone new on the scene. During the festivities you will be on top form whenever you need to be. By Boxing Day you’ll have x-ray vision into your plans for the future and there is definitely plenty to keep you entertained.


As soon as Monday your heart is set on a Yuletide adventure. Yet by the 25th a gift may not quite match its packaging… Without doubt, giving and receiving love means more than anything else just now. And your influence at home makes others take you seriously. What someone believes and feels is nothing less than a revelation this festive season. You are poised to set ambitious resolutions in motion and this will be applauded.


Take the time to understand someone’s deeper psychology and by Tuesday it’s wise to reflect on your own long-term promises. Christmas Day brings intriguing one-to-one conversations that could make fantasy become reality. On Sunday a friend’s attitude to cash has significance for you. A loved-one may prove to full of surprises and a relationship could get especially steamy. Your heart-felt views will be the most persuasive.


Your talent for giving and sharing is priceless, as intimate relations take centre-stage. Pay special attention to what someone is trying to say. From Wednesday, with patience, you’ll spot a gem on offer. On Christmas Eve a partnership comes up trumps, involving an unusual attitude to cash and resources. Arrangements could overturn expectations. Whilst having fun you’ll also work through joint issues with obvious romantic benefits.


From Monday plans that seemed shaky will start falling into place. By Christmas Day someone proves to be a real help, doing this in subtle ways. It’s worth making an extra effort to be sensitive to a relative too and you’ll enjoy the occasion even more. After Sunday determination helps you complete a personal mission, and all the celebrations may lift the lid on a burning passion you had hardly knew existed.


Attention from someone special arrives in time for Christmas. Yet try to be flexible, despite your usual perfectionism... After Wednesday family members offer helpful advice and what seemed important no longer really matters. By Christmas Day expressing yourself freely is attractive and boosts a relationship. Hidden depths will also be unearthed. Enjoy taking on the festivities with confidence and keep your sense of humour.


From Tuesday you’ll really start focussing on the job list at home, yet try to read between the lines of someone’s generous offer midweek. Everything could go without a hitch if you are willing to adjust your expectations, just a little. On Christmas Eve a change of fortunes is a positive influence for those you care about. If you pay attention to how you are really feeling, you’ll turn over an amazing new leaf this weekend.


Your most cunning ideas are just the thing to make it a cracking Christmas. On the 25th the most precious gift is one that you must fathom out. Soon you’ll make decisions about future priorities and be in a position to please all parties. A loved-one may be headstrong but this could also be positive for your self-worth. From Saturday you’ll stamp your authority too and a mystery bonus gift may arrive, lucky you.


This week you’ll definitely feel richer in one way or another. But at all times try not to expect immediate rewards. You’ll be on sparkling form this Christmas and will have other people under your spell, as well as entertaining them. Yet Boxing Day may become a day of reckoning for future arrangements. However, you can handle anything and your intuition pays off. Just watch out for some unnecessarily glib remarks.


You always shine bright at this time of year, but think hard about last minute spending impulses - regrets could come too soon… During the festivities you can rely on a sixth sense to tune into other people and someone special will respond in style… On Christmas Day your ideas will be appreciated by all. Plus you will feel especially attractive when you sense spontaneous opportunities to increase the fun.


Life is hectic of course, but aim to create at least some breathing space. On Tuesday your generosity is impressive, although remember to conserve some energy for yourself. Others will be on your side if you just ask them to be there. On Christmas Day an unexpected person will shoulder responsibility if you let them. Socialising this weekend contains a few surprises, with profound effects on some relationships. A resolution to spend quality time on yourself will be re-energising for everyone else too.


Now the merrymaking can really take off, but a fantasy you have entertained needs to be reassessed before Christmas. You’ll be amazed at what speaking your mind is able to achieve. On the 24th your opinion is controversial, but will be heard. Over the holidays let others see how assertive you can be, as they’ll definitely respect this. You can admit to some daring plans and enjoy a new lease of life. A friend will also prove his worth.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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