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15 Things You'll Only Talk About On A Girls' Night In

by Cliche Wynter ,
15 Things You'll Only Talk About On A Girls' Night In

When we round up all of our girls for an epic night in we already know the drill = guy talk, movies, gossip. We're the most unfiltered versions of ourselves when we're with our besties and we offer ZERO apologies. ​So now that Fifty Shades of Grey is out to download, it's the perfect opportunity to get the girls over, crack open a bottle and celebrate Jamie Dornan's ab-tastic performance. But first, we'll walk you through all of the down-right personal things we only ​speak of on a GNI.

A Friday or Saturday in with a few of our closest friends might as well be deemed a religious ceremony. Just one of those epic nights has the power to make us feel totally renewed and reborn.

We use those nights in as an opportunity to figuratively and literally let our hair down. They're where our deepest and most honest conversations happen. #NoFilterNecessary.

So here's the ins-and-outs of what goes down on a girls' night in...

1. All our flaws are discussed in detail

We're basically looking for our friends to say, "of course you're hot!" and share theirs in solidarity.

2. How much we should all quit our jobs and travel the world

Because we're young, free and only live once. It's OK to dream! #YOLO.

3. The freakiest things we've done in the bedroom

We're sure you're dying to know, but nah. That kind of talk is reserved for the BFFs.

4. What's really going down with our boyfriends

We might keep it cute on social media, but you better believe our girls are getting the REAL story.

5. Men. Period.

Maybe it's the hot guy we stare at on the way to work everyday or maybe it's just Jamie Dornan. It's probably Jamie Dornan...

6. "Remember the time?"

We've all done embarrassing things we want to forget. It just so happens that our best girls were there and won't EVER let us...What else are friends for?

7. Our best 'techniques'

Because sharing is caring #justsayin.

8. That we've been creeping on our boyfriend's Twitter

Just lending a helping hand, that's all. It's totally fine.

9. That our lives are a mess

Our Instagram game might be on POINT but the girls know we're still struggling to figure life out. As long as they're there to support us along the way we have no problem telling them when we screw up. AKA all the time.

10. Embarrassing work fails

Like that time we accidentally said 'OK Mum' to our boss before we put down the phone. Yeah, that...The girls will help. *Pours another glass of wine*

11. Squats, squats and more squats

If we ever have a chance of looking as smoking hot as we want, you better believe we're hitting the gym - HARD! So if one of us has cracked the secret to a rockin' booty you BET we're gonna tell our girls about it.

12. How easy life used to be

Hangovers. Bills. Wrinkles. Where did they come from and WHY do they hate us?!

13. We drunk texted our ex and got no response

14. Our ex's new partner

It's petty, we know but we can't help but think we're as good as it gets. Right? RIGHT?

15. That time our boyfriends asked us for you know what

...And we laughed in his face. Silly men.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is available to download on iTunes before its DVD release on 22nd June! If you’re curious for more – you’ll get major added extras including exclusive behind the scenes footage, music videos and a first look at Fifty Shades Darker.

What do you talk about during your night in with the girls? DISH! Tweet us @sofeminineUK.

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