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How To Tell Him You Love Him: The Best Ways To Do It

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You met a boy who is everything you could ever want. You can't wait to spend every moment with him and you've realised that he is absolutely the one for you. You finally know the meaning of love and can identify with Adele songs! The only problem is, thinking it is so much easier than actually saying it to him. So how DO you tell him? Here are some tips to give you the courage to come out and say those three little words: I love you!

  1. · ​1. If you’re a romantic
  2. · If you’re a minx
  3. · If you're shy
  4. · Check out some ingenious ways of saying I love you...
  5. · If you're head over heels
  6. · If you're wary
  7. · You're busy
  8. · No matter who you are or where you may be in this world, there is love out there for you...

So you can't wait to hear his voice when his name flashes up on your phone and when you're with him there's no place you'd rather be. You've fallen in love, and fallen hard! But how do you tell him? A love poem? Show him your love calculator results? No and no.

Everyone has their own way of going about it but here are tips to give you some great ideas…

​1. If you’re a romantic

You know yours will one day be a famous love, so only a dramatic exclamation could possibly do. Since candlelit dinners, midnight strolls hand in hand and all that romantic stuff is just as much his thing as it is yours, we have the perfect idea...

Solution: Surprise him by reversing the usual rules of love. Send red roses to his office with an 'I love you' card! Or a Kissagram if you want to make him as embarrassed as possible. Or even a aeroplane carrying a banner. It's all good.

Watch out! Romantic as he may be, he probably won’t want to be seen blushing in front of his amused (and probably jealous!) colleagues. Test the ground first.

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2. If you’re a minx

Let's face it: the man is insatiable. Your nights of passion and days spent in each other's company make you feel that you are both on the same page...AKA completely addicted to one another.

Solution: Forget your usual sexy lacy undies that set his heart racing and try wearing simple cotton pants with 'I love you' on them.

Watch out! He might rip off your loving message in the heat of the moment, not notice, or be overcome with emotion and this could affect his ability to carry on with the task in hand(!).

3. If you're shy

Asking for a different size in the Topshop changing rooms is stressful enough for you, so opening your mouth to reveal your feelings is a totally hellish experience! The self-confidence it takes to just blurt it out is just too much for you to handle. No matter how much you practice, the words just won’t come out.

Solution: Maybe you don't have to scream it out at him halfway through your dinner date? Try to show him how you feel in different ways: a silly packet of Love Hearts, a gorgeously cooked dinner, buying him a cracking birthday present. Fingers crossed he'll get the hint and say it to you first.

Watch out! He might remain totally ignorant of what you're trying to do (he's a man, after all), so there might be nothing for it but to just come out and say the words. You can do it!

Check out some ingenious ways of saying I love you...

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4. If you're head over heels

He’s the one for you, you’re the one for him. As Adele says: "This ain't lust, I know this is love." You’re sure of your feelings and want the whole world to know that you’ve found your Mr Right.

Solution: Why not try requesting a song on his radio station, or sending him a shout out during a football match? The more public, the better. If his humour is anything like yours he'll love it!

Watch out! He might be shyer than he seems and your very public display might get a lukewarm reception. We doubt it though. Who can be unhappy after their favourite song dedicated to them by their fabulous girlfriend is played?

5. If you're wary

For 6 months he’s been looking at you all dreamy-eyed but he’s still not said those three magic words that would make you so happy. Why. WHYYYY?!

Solution: Given you have doubts, keep quiet! Stay in control and say nothing. If you really don't think he feels the same way, leave it to him to make the first move. If he doesn’t, you’ll know how things stand and you won’t feel like you’ve poured your heart out for nothing.

Watch out! Men are fragile creatures who sometimes struggle to express their feelings. Some will wait a long time before committing themselves. You need to let him know he can trust you but, in the end, it’s up to you whether you’re willing to carry on being patient...

6. You're busy

You're a high-flier and you never seem to have the time to let him know how you feel, but you're ready to declare your love (then get back to finishing that presentation).

Solution: Hey, you know better than anyone that time is precious. You don't need to create a huge gesture, or think too much about it. Next time when you see him, simply tell him. He's with you - he knows how crazy busy you are, and he'll probably appreciate the thought more than you could know.

Watch out! Make sure he doesn't feel a little neglected by your quick, casual declaration of love. For example, don't tell him over text, Facebook message or Twitter. Face to face girl. Face to face.

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No matter who you are or where you may be in this world, there is love out there for you...

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