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Men Pay This Guy To Dump Their Girlfriends

by Maria Bell ,
Men Pay This Guy To Dump Their Girlfriends© Getty

Nobody in their right mind enjoys breaking up with someone (except when you're ditching Spencer Matthews). And most of us will do anything to delay having that awkward, heart-breaking, tear-jerking chat, but paying a stranger to do it for you instead? Well according to this guy that's totally acceptable...

We get it. Breaking up with someone isn't the easiest thing to do, but could you, would you, really go as far as shamelessly hiring a stranger to do it for you? Well if you're getting cold feet and can't face the thought playing along a moment longer this Valentine's Day weekend, you could be in luck.

Jonathan Keikush, a 23 year old marketing executive from Brighton and self proclaimed "Grim Reaper of Love", will break up with your "worse half" for as little as a fiver. Nothing says get the hell away from me as well as an anonymous text from a stranger hey?

Whether it's text from his "break up phone", you're after, an instant message, or an actual face-to-face chat, dumping your man couldn't be easier. There's pretty much nothing Jonathan won't do...providing he vets the back-up story. If he feels uncomfortable about it, he just won't do it. This is a man of morals people.

He'll even throw in this little extra: "And if you're both interested, I can ask them to send you a signed copy of a booty-call agreement." What a loadofbulls**t bargain.

But as word travels fast, his services have proved pretty popular and after his first 'dumping' a few years ago, he's received messages from across the world, including the UK, USA and Amsterdam.

This all came about after he helped a rowing couple he knew finally cut the cord on their relationship with minimal trauma. Oh of course! Why didn't we think of that.

In an Interview with BT Online, Jonathan said: "Some people might call these guys spineless but I see them as kind people who can’t bring themselves to hurt someone they once cared for."

"I'm always surprised at how easy it's been for me to deliver the bad news and what little fall-out there is.I know there are some who will think people should do their own breaking up as a mark of respect for the relationship they shared.But I think it's better to take the heat out of a potentially volatile and upsetting situation.

"​It's not just about dumping someone – it's about setting people free when love goes horribly wrong. I believe in love and think couples shouldn't waste their time in a bad relationship."


So what do you guys reckon? Would you ever consider Jonathan to do your dirty work? Tweet us @sofeminineUK.

Maria Bell
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