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Watch: How to curl your lashes like a pro

by Lareese Craig ,
Watch: How to curl your lashes like a pro© GETTY

Stubby, barely there lashes? No thanks. We've got some must-see viewing for all you wide-eyed wannabes out there in need of some serious peeper pampering. Watch our easy-peasy step by step guide on how to curl your lashes for that dramatic red carpet look. Prepare for outrageous fluttering.

Nailing the ultimate dramatic lash look doesn't just come down to your mascara wand. As with any beauty regime it's all in the prep.

Every girl lusts after starry-eyed lashes a la Katy Perry, so why not learn to lock in your eyelash curls with our simple step by step video.

Forget the road-sweeping stick-ons and falsie faux pas and opt for the natural look instead, for instant look-at-me impact. It's all in the wand wiggle!

You might need a lesson in how to squeeze and pump your hand-held curlers for maximum volume, or perhaps you're after a tip on avoiding that dreaded pinch at the root. Ouch.

Whatever the wide-eyed worry, we've got all the Q&As covered in our how to curl your lashes tutorial.

Check it out for the key to keeping your curls in place, Kardashian style:


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Check out the celebrities with show-stopping lashes:

Watch: How to curl your lashes like a pro © GETTY
Watch: How to curl your lashes like a pro
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