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Arrive First? Leave Last? 15 Work Worries You NEED To Stop Now

by Stephanie Ashley ,
Arrive First? Leave Last? 15 Work Worries You NEED To Stop Now© Getty

Staying on top of your A-game and working your hardest are extremely important, but stressing and pulling your hair out with anxiety won't help anything. Take that chill pill and reevaluate whether you are furthering your career, or letting your worries hold you back. Here are a few anxieties you should most definitely put on the shelf...for good!

1. Arriving First In The Morning

Yes, you want to be prepared for the big work day ahead, but are you sacrificing too many hours of your precious sleep worrying over whether you'll make it into the office thirty minutes before you technically need to be?

It's all well and good trying to get ahead of yourself to start the day before everyone else, but when it becomes an extra worry in an already stressful day, cut yourself some slack. Your work hours are set for a reason.

2. Remembering Names

Names are always difficult, especially during your first week of work when so many new coworker acquaintances are thrown your way! In the beginning, don't feel shy about reintroducing yourself, just to make sure you have all the right names and faces. If you're still having trouble later on, try finding your coworkers on social media to help you remember.

3. Being The Most Fashionable

As women, we have the unfortunate habit of comparing our wardrobe to everyone else's, and in the office, a coworker's fashion prowess can spark those unwanted pangs of envy. Don't go on a manic (and expensive) shopping spree for the newest fashions or let anyone make you feel inferior. Instead, if you're really trying to up your style game, try for some reasonably priced yet equally fashionable jewellery to set your outfits apart. Dressing for work shouldn't be a competition. The most important things are looking professional and feeling comfortable.

4. Going Off Work, But Staying On Duty

We live in the age of smart phones, and that means, our work emails are right there in our pockets, our purses, and even our beds. Don't let work follow you home! There is such a thing as "Me Time," and trust us, we all need some. Separate your work life from your home life. Just because you aren't answering emails at 2 'o' clock in the morning, doesn't mean you aren't great at your job.

5. Looking Flawlessly Put Together

Some days are better than others, and every girl can tell you, not every day can be a great hair day. We don't all wake up looking like Beyonce! If you're running late and your hair has to go in a dirty girl bun, the world is not going to end. Of course, we all want to look flawless, but sometimes we have to dry shampoo those tresses and move on. After all, there's more to life than hair.

6. Working Like Crazy, Even While Sick

We all get sick, let's face it. Of course, a tiny cough is very different from having pneumonia, but showing up at work with a 5-alarm migraine can cause some serious damage. If you're truly ill, stressing out at work will only make the illness last longer, and you could even spread the sickness around the office. And, honestly, how productive will you be when you're coughing your head off? Most likely, your boss and coworkers will agree with us when we say, sometimes, it's better to call in sick.

7. Saying Yes To Everything

We all want to appear competent, but saying you understand something when you really don't is an absolute no-go. And when your workload is already up to the maximum, it's okay to say no to a new project. No one will fault you for wanting to give your current projects your all!

8. Stressing Over Your Workload

It's easy to freak out when there's a lot on your plate, but worrying over that stack of papers won't lessen the load any faster. Instead of mentally psyching yourself out, make a game plan every afternoon before you leave work for how you will tackle everything the next day. Then, the next morning, attack that to-do list like the champion you are.

9. Wondering If Your Coworkers Think You're Competent

Of course you want validation and compliments from your coworkers and superiors; who wouldn't? But, once again, worrying over something won't make it happen. Instead, ask yourself if you are truly working as hard as you can. If you don't think you're living up to your potential, ask a coworker or supervisor what you can do better. More often than not, they will want to help (and will be flattered that you came to them!). Once you're pleased with your own work, keep striving for new heights, and everyone else will notice the change.

10. Being Afraid to Ask Questions and Speak Up

The age old adage still applies: there is no such thing as a stupid question! Instead of muddling through work, confused about a project, speak up and make sure everything is crystal clear. You will be more productive and the end product will be that much better.

11. Getting That Promotion

You should always work hard and take every opportunity to show your unbeatable value, but in the end, whether or not you earn a promotion isn't up to you. There's no sense in stressing over something that is completely out of your hands. If you are doing all you can to put yourself in the running for a new position and show yourself in the best light, then you've done your part.

12. Leaving Last At Night

You may want to round out your day as the star employee who works more than everyone else, but having a social life, or just time to emotionally unwind at the end of the day, is just as important to your working day as the hours you put in. Go home and recharge!

13. Meeting With Superiors

Yes, the boss can be intimidating, but looking nervous and worried when meeting with them will not earn you any brownie points. Instead, find your inner zen and walk into that meeting as your fabulous, confident self. Remember while they may be your superior they're still a person and will want to be treated as such.

14. Attending Social Events With Coworkers

Networking is key to furthering your career, and the connections you make in your own office can often help the most. Don't shy away from that office party; instead, make as many new acquaintances as you can. Still a bit nervous? Try partnering up with a coworker you mesh well with and socialize together. Everything feels easier with someone at your side!

15. Receiving Negative Feedback

Negative comments are hard to stomach, but constructive criticism is one of the chief ways we grow. If your boss or colleague is simply pointing out a few errors make a note so as not to make those mistakes again, but don't let them weigh you down. Now, if they're being malicious and hurtful, perhaps you should consider if you are being bullied. Otherwise, accept feedback as the helping hand it truly is!

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