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Benedict Cumberbatch re-addresses his comments that Downton Abbey is "atrocious"

by Esme Riley Published on 8 May 2013

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch hit the headline last year when he branded Downton Abbey "f****** atrocious". But it seems the actor's comments were taken out of context and that it proved a lesson in the perils of fame...

Benedict Cumberbatch has defended his remarks that he's not a fan of Downton Abbey.

The Sherlock star has been talking about the downsides of fame and thinks his comments are often taken out of context and misunderstood - namely those about the hit BBC period drama!

He told Huffington Post: "[Fame] will bring a new level of scrutiny, investigation into the personal or private, which I'm getting used to.

"It's not all roses, but it's ok. It would be churlish to say I wasn't aware of the reality of it, but there are ways of sidestepping not courting it.

"I'm interested in it being about the work, but I understand why people are obsessed with the personal as well."

He added: "It doesn't mean you like it.

"You lose control over privacy. You can't control perceptions any more - the whole anti-Downton thing... the posh thing... saying Johnny Miller did Elementary for the money."

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Last year Benedict gave an interview to Reader's Digest in which he slated Downton, a show that's proved hugely popular with the public.

Though he acknowledged that it had generated interest in a particular period in history, he added that he didn't like the way they'd done it.

But it seems the 36-year-old was only joking and that his comments were taken somewhat out of context.

He said: "We’re remembering that there was a world before the First World War. We’re living in a culture now that’s revering, or having a nostalgia trip with, the beginning of the 1900s.

"Although Downton traded a lot on the sentiment in the last series... but we won’t talk about that series because it was, in my opinion, f****** atrocious."

It seems Benedict - who stars in upcoming movie Star Trek: Into Darkness - has learnt from his mistakes and is quickly realising what to expect when you're in the public eye.

He told Huffington Post about his evening with his niece, Emily: "We were out to dinner celebrating the fact that I got nominated for a Golden Globe. She gets into a car with me, and there are 15 paps on the bonnet, spraying us with flash photography.

"You accept that it happens, of course it's weird. I only have to stand next to someone at a tea party.

"I'm sanguine about it, you can't explain, you can't complain, you move on."

by Esme Riley

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