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Calories in meat

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Calories in meat

It's a common myth that meat makes you fat. Some types of meat, particularly ones that are high in saturated fat, should be eaten in moderation, but many meats are low in fat and high in good quality protein, making them good for your health and your waistline.


Grilled rumpsteak = 116 calories, 21g protein and 3.6g fat

Steak mince with 5% fresh fat = 125 calories, 20g protein and 5g fat

Pan fried liver = 132 calories, 21g protein and 5.3g fat

Roast beef = 135 calories, 26g protein and 3.4g fat

Grilled or fried flank = 138 calories, 22g protein and 5.5g fat

Stewing steak = 182 calories, 29g protein and 7.3g fat

Sirloin steak = 202 calories, 24g protein and 11.8g fat

Hanger steak = 224 calories, 24g protein and 14.2g fat


Leg = 172 calories, 23g protein and 8.9g fat

Shoulder = 193 calories, 22g protein and 11.7g fat

Chops = 248 calories, 23g protein and 17.3g fat

Merguez = 298 calories, 16g protein and 26g fat


Lean fillet = 158 calories, 29g protein and 4.8g fat

Spare ribs = 243 calories, 27g protein and 15g fat

Roast fillet = 246 calories, 28g protein and 15g fat

Grilled chops = 247 calories, 28g protein and 15g fat

Bacon = 300 calories, 14g protein and 27g fat

Braised ribs = 389 calories, 29g protein and 30.3g fat


Turkey escalope = 115 calories, 22.5g protein and 2g fat

Chicken breast = 125 calories, 22g protein and 4g fat

Guinea fowl = 151 calories, 23.3g protein and 6.4g fat

Roast chicken with skin = 170 calories, 20g protein and 10g fat

Chicken legs with skin = 226 calories, 26.3g protein and 13.5g fat

Chicken stew without skin = 229 calories, 30.4g protein and 11.9g fat


Leg = 250 calories, 17g protein and 20g fat

Chops = 300 calories, 18g protein and 25g fat


Grilled escalope = 91 calories, 19g protein and 1.7g fat

Roast veal = 116 calories, 20g protein and 4g fat

Shoulder = 244 calories, 29g of protein and 14.2g of fat


Venison = 96 calories, 20g protein and 2g fat

Wild boar = 104 calories, 21g protein and 2g fat

Rabbit = 160 calories, 22g protein and 8g fat

Duck breast = 198 calories, 22g protein and 12g fat

Pheasant = 215 calories, 32.5g protein and 9.4g fat

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