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Earn money for losing weight

by the editorial team ,
Earn money for losing weight

Imagine earning pounds for losing them? Well you could - with a newly launched weight loss programme with cash incentives, if you haven't got weight to lose, you may wish you'd indulged in those double portions over Christmas after all.

Earn money for losing weight

Post Christmas we're letting out our belts a notch while tightening the purse strings, and we'd all prefer things to be the other way around.

Revolutionary new weight loss programme, Weight Wins, is the pioneer of a concept that will come to be known as diet rewards, where members are actually paid to lose weight. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it - but that is exactly what it's all about.

All members have to do is weigh-in once every month at their convenience, in return for the motivation to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their success. But can earning money for weight loss ever be ethical?

The Weight Wins programme is only accessible to those with a BMI of 25 or over, to make sure that any weight loss is sensible and the programme is overseen by Medical Advisor, Dr. David Haslam, an obesity specialist GP and Chairman of the National Obesity Forum.

Created to provide a solution for those that have tried everything to lose weight, from meal replacement diets to the latest weight loss fads, Weight Wins is a programme that runs alongside an individual’s fitness and health regime that encourages commitment through cash.

Launched after three years of extensive development work and rigorous trials, including trials by the NHS, the Weight Wins supports members through encouragement, financial incentives, healthy advice and voucher rewards.

How It Works

Members sign up to the programme via www.WeightWins.com, where they select a plan of their choice; based on their weight loss targets, current BMI and desired length of plan.

Soon after, the new member receives a Weight Wins Welcome Pack, which includes weight loss tips, support details, a Weigh-In Certificate and a detailed Weight Loss Incentive Plan of the programme they have selected.

Armed with their Welcome Pack and initial Weigh-In Certificate, the new member completes their first weigh-in and returns the certificate to Weight Wins...freepost of course! The new member is then contacted to confirm receipt of the Weigh-In Certificate and congratulated on taking their first step to healthy and effective weight loss.

And before you think you can get away with cheating on your weight loss, think again. Weigh ins have to take place at certified medical practioners at pharmacies for example so that Weight Wins can completely validate the authenticity of the weigh in.

The Rewards

Each member’s Weight Loss Incentive Plan details the dates of when they should weigh-in and return their updated Weight Loss Certificate to Weight Wins.

It also details the advised weight loss they should be aiming for each month and cash reward they will receive for every month they successfully lose weight.

Even if a member doesn’t hit their target each month, they will still be rewarded for every pound they shed. Very importantly, members are also rewarded for keeping weight off in the ‘Maintenance Period’, and earn large bonuses if they maintain their goal weight to the end of their plan.

Members can earn rewards totalling between £100 and £3000 - so once you've got to your goal weight you can afford to splash out on some new clothes or event a holiday!

But why cash incentives? For any slim beans out there, it seems mightly unfair that we can't be given cash for not being overweight too. And surely the heatlh benefits of losing weight should be motivation enough - not to mention the appeal of a whole new wardrobe shopping trip.

If the thought of a shopping trip or week on a sun lounger can't motivate you, we're not surewhat will. Psychological tests by Finkelstein (2011) have proven that even modest cash rewards can be incentive enough for people to lose more weight than those who lose weight without a cash reward.

If you do have weight to lose perhaps Weight Wins is a good way to keep going (and as losing weight is hard to do, a little cash reward isn't that out of place surely?) or is earning money for losing weight bordering on the ridiculous?

Answer our survey or leave a comment and tell us what you think, can, worms, open.

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