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Havaianas – glow in the dark flip flops

by the editorial team Published on 28 October 2010
Havaianas – glow in the dark flip flops© Havaianas glow in the dark flip flops

Havaianas, the ultimate comfy flip-flop for the summer, have launched a new glow in the dark collection that goes beyond the beach.

The super soft sandals, which originate from Sao Paolo, Brazil, are made with a secret rubber formula that makes the flip-flops spongy, light and durable.

If you think flip-flops are out of season then think again, these fashionable and quirky Havaianas are perfect for Halloween.

They come in two different ghoulish styles, ‘Fun’ and ‘4 Night’ and feature luminous straps and highlighted swirling designs on the soles - spooky.

They’re available in Kids and Adult sizes so if you cannot find appropriate footwear for your kids Halloween outfit try these spooky slippers, in traditional Halloween colours black, green, orange and black.

For grown-ups, the ‘4 Night’ series, decorated in phosphorescent prints, will ensure that nobody steps on your toes and you won’t end up minus one sandal at the end of the night.

Havaianas website
/ Rubber Sole website

Words: Bianca Fflokes

Havaianas glow in the dark flip flops
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