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London Fashion Week: Basso and Brooke catwalk report

by cheree ,
London Fashion Week: Basso and Brooke catwalk report© Nils Jorgensen / Rex

As hordes of disappointed fashion followers were left outside Basso and Brooke's show at the BFC's tents, those who managed to get in were treated to a magical trip into a collection in which partners Chris and Bruno had been "enchanted by the future retro technical dexterity of hyperrealist paintings". This translated in part into a series of powerful outfits with high volume colour and of course those essential Basso and Brooke prints - there were even printed sequins in evidence.

There were some subdued pieces like the monochrome cropped square-shouldered jacket coupled with panelled trousers, alongside extravagant colour combinations - one print fuses black, orange, blues and pinks to look a little like a paint explosion. There's a touch of Ziggy Stardust in the zig-zag black and silver which features in a cowl-necked mini dress and double-breasted top with a plunging neckline.

Jacquard has been reworked into a technique that makes it look almost wet and this appears in black puffed-out trousers and a black dress which looks like it's been twisted to fit and features a technicolour bustier. Colour-soaked digital prints verge on the edge of optical illusions and feature in mini dresses and belted jackets.

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