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London Fashion Week: Unique catwalk report

by cheree ,
London Fashion Week: Unique catwalk report© LTA/WENN.COM/SIPA

With Sir Philip Green, Twiggy, her daughter and Kate Moss in the front row, despite being a high street brand, Topshop's Unique collection is a hot ticket this week.

Inspired by 80s streetwear, there's a selection that takes you from casual to cocktail with hip hop and punk references throughout. Denim, a key fabric in many collections for spring, has been stone-washed, slashed, ripped and rolled and covered in patches. Rolled-up jeans, shorts over jersey leggings and low-slung bleached shorts worn over shocking pink vinyl cycle-style shorts are just some of Unique's denim offerings for next season.

Sporting references abound but with some interesting interpretations e.g. a cobalt blue rubberised hoody and off-the-shoulder jersey sweatshirt dress with oversized sleeves and vinyl zips and ruched sweat pants and shorts embellished with plastic darts on the seams. There is also one of the most divine prints in the collection - featuring palm trees and huts in what looks like a sunbleached painting - this appears in a must-have billowing double-breasted coat with silver buckles. Other fabulous pieces include a fitted cream dress adorned with brace fastenings (which echo through the whole collection) and a sequinned rugby shirt dress in orange and red.

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