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Victoria Beckham to star in Skype reality show

by Lareese Craig ,
Victoria Beckham to star in Skype reality show© Getty

Conquering the catwalk and making it as a big time fashion designer clearly isn't enough for style maven Victoria Beckham. She's taking her global fashion brand to a whole new level with a behind-the-scenes documentary with Skype. A nose into the life of Mrs Beckham? We're totes all over that one. Move over Made In Chelsea gang, there's a new Posh girl in town.

Victoria Beckham is set to star in her own reality documentary in collaboration with Skype, to give an insider's look into her life as a fashion designer.

The former Spice Girl often relies on Skype to communicate with her team in London so it seemed like a natural progression to collaborate with the company.

So what can we expect from a Mrs Beckham fly-on-the-wall watch? Well let's start with the rather quirky interactive style which will allow the audience to engage with VB directly. Mmm chat time with Posh, that's defo worth being online for.

Clothes rails brimming with Beckham's garb, pre-show tantrums, catwalk run throughs and maybe even an appearance from little Harper or David? This is must-view watching.

A representative from the instant messaging client said: "Skype will bring the story of a driven designer and businesswoman to life in a groundbreaking storytelling format, as well as offer inspiration to fashion enthusiasts, aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs."

If that's not a reason to take a few hours out from blogging, street styling or taking a 'what I'm wearing today' snap then we're not sure what is!

The best bit about this behind-the-scenes TV gold (aside from seeing VB as we've never seen her before, of course) is that we can watch it whilst wrapped in our dressing gowns clutching a cuppa. Oh how the glamorous other half live.

We can't wait to get our VB fashion fix but how do you feel about the queen of the catwalk breaking into the reality TV world? Tweet us your thoughts @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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