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10 Tips To Nailing Beyoncé's Amazing Vacation Style

by Cliche Wynter Published on 10/04/2014 at 17:00
10 Tips To Nailing Beyoncé's Amazing Vacation Style © Beyonce

Beyoncé sure does live the good life! When she's not tearing the house down at her incredible concerts, she likes to kick back and relax on tropical islands. We don't blame her! She also always manages to look fabulous while on luxurious getaways. Envying her vacation fashion? Here are 10 tips to help you snag her style.

1. Have fabulous hair

The bigger, the better! The number one thing to keep in mind: keep it effortless.

2. Bathing suits are a staple

This gal always has the hottest bathing suits. While you're away, you're going to need tons. Be sure to put this at the top of your shopping list.

3. Go matchy-matchy with your vacation buddy

Call us corny, but we think it's cute when a couple matches every now and then. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to show off your love with coordinated ensembles.

4. Statement sunglasses gets 'em every time

No getaway kit is complete without at least two statement sunglasses. When you're not in the mood to put much thought into your outfit, accessories give your look an instant boost.

5. Bargain garments are a go

Bey is a huge fan of Topshop! Here she is rocking one of the brand's latest items. Take a cue from the star, and don't worry about spending major bucks on your vacay garb. You'll be changing at least three times a day anyway!

6. Sundresses are spectacular

While on vacation, everyone needs a coverup. Forget about that dated sarong, and opt for a pretty sundress instead.

7. Lipstick is a must

While you're on a tropical island, a full face of makeup is pointless. Trust us, it'll melt right off. Instead, apply a very bold lip to give your face an extra pop. Your glistening tan will do the rest of the job!

8. Sunhats save the day

Who has time to fuss about hair after a luxurious dip in the pool? Throw on a sunhat and watch all your worries wash away. P.S. They can be a super stylish finishing touch to your swimwear.

9. Stay active and keep your body in check

How else will you maintain your bikini bod?

10. Shoes are optional

"Kick off your shoes, and relax your feet." Yeah, this is the best time to be one with nature. Added perk: it'll free up some cash to buy more souvenirs.

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Cliche Wynter
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