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Face Planting, Blisters And Scuffs: 13 Stages Girls Go Through With a New Pair of Heels

by Stephanie Ashley ,
Face Planting, Blisters And Scuffs: 13 Stages Girls Go Through With a New Pair of Heels

Let's face it: heels are a girl's biggest fashion frenemy. We LOVE how they look, how they complement our dresses, how they make our legs longer and slimmer etc... But we absolutely HATE how they give us blisters and make our soles burn hotter than hell. Here are the stages every woman must inevitably face with a new pair of heels.

A new pair of heels is one of our fave ways to treat ourselves, but seriously, they're KILLERS to break in. This may be the only item in your closet (we hope) that can actually bring you to tears/make you bleed.

These stages pretty much sum up our love-hate relationship with a new pair of pumps. Men - be GLAD you don't have to deal with this.

You spot the heels in store and fall in LOVE!

We're pretty sure retail is where the expression head over heels comes from. These were the shoes you were BORN to wear. Who cares about the price?


You have to show to them off to all your friends.

Time to Instagram your newest fashion fave. Who wouldn't be jealous of these new beauties!

First time breaking in the heels: Look out world, here you come!

You've matched the perfect dress, handbag, and jewelry. And you've had a new pedicure especially.


So far, so good. You look fab and have gotten tons of compliments.

Where did you get those? Oh my gosh, how can you walk when they're so high? I WISH I had a pair of those!... Oh yes, new heels feel GOOD.

Okay, walking is a bit harder than you anticipated...

Aren't shoes, like, made for walking? Why is this so hard! As long as you don't face plant (please no please no please no).....


When you get home, you notice the first scuff.

No!!!! Time to search every DIY shoe scuff remedy on the web. This is usually accompanied by self-scoulding - WHY didn't we just buy the protective spray as well?

Then you take them off and find out THIS has happened:

They were supposed to make your feet look pretty!!!

And the morning after is PAINFUL.

You didn't even know your legs could hurt in all those different places! And don't even start on the blisters. Every step is: "Ow ow ow ow..."


After some blister prevention, you're ready to try again!

You've just got to break them in a bit more right? You've got Compeed in all the right places, so you should be good...


You plan your day around your heels

You only have to walk five meters from the parking lot to the office? And then occasional trips to the ladies... As long as it's not your turn to do the mid-morning latte run you can DEFINITELY get through a whole day in your new heels.

Not only do they STILL hurt, but you spot someone with the EXACT same pair.

But, but, you had them first! And while you're stumbling around, she's strutting like a (non-tripping) model on a catwalk. Life is so not fair.


Now you're pissed.

Not only will these shoes NEVER break in, you've literally lost blood, sweat and tears over them. Ugh! Time to throw them in the back of the closet and try out a new pair. Maybe something more functional - like slippers.

Who are you kidding? Those pumps are too gorgeous/expensive to stay in your closet.

No pain, no gain! Next time you're feeling daring and fabulous, you'll pull out those beauties. Plus, you may unexpectedly discover that they are finally *gasp* broken in!

If all else fails, just sit back on your couch and take a few elevated heel selfies, visual pleasures are the best pleasures...

What stages do you go through with new heels? Let us know @sofeminineUK

Stephanie Ashley
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