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5 Food Baby-friendly Outfits To Help You Indulge In Shameless Holiday Eating

by Cliche Wynter Published on 08/12/2014 at 09:30
5 Food Baby-friendly Outfits To Help You Indulge In Shameless Holiday Eating © Pinterest

Before you jump start your New Year resolution to hit the gym and cutting carbs, feel free to guzzle down all the delicious food and drinks the holiday season has to offer. If you're worried your tummy will give away just how much you've indulged, check out these 5 food baby-friendly outfit ideas that are sure to keep it hidden.

The key to camouflaging your food baby? LOTS of room. Go for sweaters, draped clothing, stretch pants, and roomy waists. Basically, aim for anything that allots plenty of breathing room - you'll need that plus a prayer by the time you're done chowing down. Trust and believe it, hun.

And because we wouldn't let you fight the good fight on your own, we put together a few outfit ideas that will keep you stylish while keeping that bloated tummy hidden.

Forks and credit cards at the ready?

Let's get to it.

Be Festive And Comfy

Sweater: $47 RiverIsland.com
Bag: $70 Topshop.com
Jacket: $55 HM.com
Boots: $275 Coggles.com

NOTE: Black Is Always Slimming

Jumpsuit: $169 TessaBit.com
Ear Cuff: $28 BaubleBar.com
Jacket: $190 RiverIsland.com
Bag: $31 RiverIsland.com
Booties: $111 LastCall.com

A Boyfriend That Won't Do You Wrong

Sweater: $94 Nelly.com
Boyfriend Jeans: $63 RiverIsland.com
Jacket: $80 HouseOfFraser.co.uk
Bag: $98 Zappos.com
Booties: $55 FashionUnion.com

Glamour NEVER Has To Be Compromised

Blouse: $31 HM.com
Skirt: $195 LKBennett.com
Earrings: $32 BaubleBar.com
Bag: $85 NastyGal.com
Shoes: $140 NastyGal.com

Turn Up The Shine Factor

Sleeveless Sweater: $92 JohnLewis.com
Skirt: $225 HouseOfFraser.co.uk
Jacket: $110 HM.com
Earrings: $32 BaubleBar.com
Bag:$90 Topshop.com
Shoes: $140 StyleTread.com.au

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This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

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