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Adidas Honey Hi's trainers - for cosy toes!

by Ursula Dewey Published on 22 December 2012

Since we confirmed that Uggs were officially fashion suicide we've been on the look out for another comfy casual shoe that will keep our tootsies warm - without sabotaging our style credentials. And we've found just the thing with the Adidas Originals Honey Hi's trainers - their urban style and beige shade means they will add a ghetto edge to our dresses and jeans.

Adidas Honey Hi's trainers - for cosy toes!

But it's their fleece lined interiors that we're really excited about - there's nothing better than cosy toes in winter.

Plus we like to think the 80's sneaker never really went out of style - and never will - so you can depend on these to keep you looking like one cool kid - much more than any Uggs of old.

Honey Hi's Adidas Originals trainers
RRP: £60.00
Available from Adidas
Stockist (0870 240 4204)

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