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Maternity Fashion Ideas: 10 Style Lessons From Celeb Mums

by Cliche Wynter ,
Maternity Fashion Ideas: 10 Style Lessons From Celeb Mums© Getty

Being pregnant isn't always a bed of roses. There's the morning sickness, constant bathroom trips, and inevitable weight gain. While it can be rough, the end result is always rewarding. To help keep your style spirits high during the trying times of pregnancy, we've looked to a few celebs for fashion tips. Remember: becoming a mum doesn't mean you have to forfeit your fashionista status!

  1. · Don't be afraid to embrace the bump
  2. · Loose clothing doesn't mean "frumpy"
  3. · Leggings go with everything
  4. · Blazers are your besties
  5. · You don't have to ditch your heels
  6. · Maxi dresses are a must
  7. · Statement accessories are sensational
  8. · Bold beauty looks are welcomed
  9. · Bikinis can still be sexy with a baby on board
  10. · A line dresses hide EVERYTHING

Navigating your way through a stylish pregnancy can be tricky. What exactly do you wear when none of your fave things fit your bump? With a pregnancy body to dress it's easy to give up on the fashion front, but we think that would be a missed opportunity. There's plenty of ways to look fashion forward, trendy and chic with a bump - just look at all these celebs for inspiration.

Your mummy styling session starts here...

Don't be afraid to embrace the bump

This all depends on your personal style. If you're accustomed to formfitting clothing like Olivia Wilde, you don't have to change your ways for pregnancy. Be proud of your bump, and flaunt it! Let's not resort to muumuus, please.

Loose clothing doesn't mean "frumpy"


There's no better time to borrow from the boys than during your pregnancy. Ciara showed us how incredibly fashionable menswear can be with a baby on board. She nailed it!

Leggings go with everything

We're actually obsessed with Hilary Duff's cute ensemble. When you're in need of a fool-proof look, turn to leggings. They're easy to wear, and they're super comfy for your growing bump. Plus they go with pretty much all your floaty tops.

Blazers are your besties

Blazers are a quick and effortless way up the chic cred while wearing a simple outfit. Go bold like Bey for an added head-turning factor.

You don't have to ditch your heels

If you're not ready to let go of your sky-high stilettos, try opting for more comfortable (but still fashionable) footwear. Platforms are always a more comfy choice. You might also want to give wedges a shot.

ScarJo shows us she's still able to rock pencil thin heels during the early stages of pregnancy. Work it!

Maxi dresses are a must

Gwen Stefani taught us the wonders of an easy breezy beautiful maxi dress. Hello, fuss-free glamour and femininity!

Statement accessories are sensational


Not only did Fergie embrace her bump, she added a cute Sophia Webster statement purse as a drool-worthy accessory. If you're not looking to get all dolled up, throw on your favorite piece and hit the town.

Bold beauty looks are welcomed

Kim Kardashian certainly received a lot of flack for her maternity style. However, one area she hardly ever failed in: hair and makeup. The reality star showed us there's no need to fear a fierce red lip during pregnancy. We love a bold lip!

Bikinis can still be sexy with a baby on board

This ladies and gents, is how a supermodel does pregnancy. Afraid you won't look just as hot? Don't be.

If flaunting your bump in a two-piece swimsuit is out of your comfort zone, try a super stylish cover-up on for size.

A line dresses hide EVERYTHING

If you're not in the mood for showing off your bump, Holly Willoughby proves that a decent A line dress always works for a pregnant bod.

Got any more style tips for expectant mums? Tweet us @sofeminineUK or even better send us a photo of your pregnancy chic!

Cliche Wynter
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