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She Fell Over! The Best Fashion Falls In Catwalk History

by Lareese Craig Published on 25 February 2014
She Fell Over! The Best Fashion Falls In Catwalk History© Getty Images

They're from another world, they're not like us, they're practically super human. That's what us mere mortals are up against when it comes to the Kates, the Caras and the Naomis of the world. As much as we love seeing models glide down the catwalk in a goddess like manner there's nothing like knowing they struggle with the six inch incline just as much as the rest of us. Here's the haute couture tumbles they wish we hadn't seen... (feel free to hate on heels while watching).

Being a model is no mean feat but they make it look so darn easy. That is until their haute heels become all too much for them and they lose their footing. Smart phones at the ready. Beautiful girls in beautiful clothes (yawn) we want stage dives and stiletto tumbles.

Slippery runways, mounds of designer fabric, a worldwide audience - it's no wonder models don't stack it more often. From Versace to Elie Saab and Naomi Campbell to Milla Jovovich it's happened to the best of them, 'cos when it comes to live show day anything is possible...


As with any embarrassing situation it's all in the recovery. After all, how do you come back from a runway tumble? Tyra... any thoughts?

You gotta admit, we kinda love a good fashion fall!

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Oops! Did That Just Happen? The Best Fashion Falls In Catwalk History © Getty Images