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Shopaholic Showdown: We ask Brix Smith-Start about her brand new show

by Ursula Dewey ,
Shopaholic Showdown: We ask Brix Smith-Start about her brand new show© TLC

What do you have planned this Thursday evening? Well, it's time to put that to one side and snuggle down on your sofa and get ready to fall in love with a brand new show. Shopaholic Showdown is TV's latest must-watch programme for stylish shoppers. And who better to front it up than stylist, singer and all-round fame maven, Brix Smith-Start? We caught up with her to find out more about the show and her best-kept styling secrets...

Shopaholic Showdown is the newest reincarnation of Ultimate Shopper on TLC and the new format promises more fashion highs and lows than a week on the frow.

In the new show Holly Valance, Brix Smith-Start and Jason Gardiner judge the contestants as they search for Britain's best shopper. A different guest judge joins the panel each week as the shopaholics battle it out to style themselves with the perfect outfit for all kinds of challenges.

As the ultimate TV celebrity stylist Brix Smith-Start has plenty of style savvy knowledge and fash-authority to deliver the verdict on the nation's most stylish shopper and we just had to ask her for some fashion insider tips on how to be fashtastic at all times...

What made you want to change the show format from Ultimate Shopper to Shopaholic Showdown and what changes can we expect?
Shopaholic showdown describes the show perfectly. Jason Gardiner has joined me and Holly Valance on the panel as a co-judge. Abbey Clancy, Kelly Brooke, Lisa Snowdon and Caprice are also in the line up as guest judges so the show is going to be really exciting.

All the contestants must think of themselves style savvy - but for you what is the mark of having flawless style?
Wearing the right colours and shapes for your body whilst expressing your personality through your choices. Dressing event appropriate is also important.

Who would you absolutely love to style?
My style icon in Tilda Swinton, it would be a dream to collaborate with her. She’s creative and open and can pull off almost anything.

What makes for a fashion disaster in your opinion?
There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. You will not project positivity and it will unbalance your whole demeanour this will in turn affect people’s perception of you.

Which celebrities do you think dress well EVERY time?
Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Tiny Tempah, Jude Law and the two Davids; Beckham and Bowie always look amazing.

And which ones do you think need a little help from a new stylist?
Katie Price is always on shaky ground.

If you had to choose between never wearing designer clothes again and only wearing your existing clothes forever (no more shopping), what would you choose?
I could never not shop! Bodies are always change shape, tastes fluctuate and inevitably you get bored of wearing the same clothes. Life is about new experiences and constant reinvention of your own style.

What has been the most difficult styling experience you've encountered?
Although I love styling brides it’s not just the dress we’re dealing with. The stress and emotional issues surrounding the wedding means than nothing less than absolute perfection is acceptable. ​​

Brix Smith-Start is currently fronting up Lenor's Forever Fashion campaign encourages the UK to become a ‘Forever Fashion’ nation. That mean's that aside from finding Britain's most stylish shoppers on her show, Brix’s latest mission is to turn us into a ‘Forever Fashion’ nation by making sure we only ever wear the outfits that they truly love. And what's not to love about that?

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Ursula Dewey
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