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Spring - Summer at a glance

Playsuits For Men Now Exist And We're Really Not Sure

As I sit wearing a red skirt and pink t-shirt, I'm well aware that fashion rules were made to be broken, but just like Kylie Jenner and Tyga's relationshi aren't meant to be which...

What To Wear to Work: A Lesson In Summer Styling By The A-listers Who Know

Ah, the Great British Summer Time. Thanks to the unfashionably late arrival of actual summer, we've had to contend with prolonged April showers and rising levels of humidity which...

THIS Swimsuit Campaign Is The Only Summer Body Message You Should Listen To

Us girls have a good thing going with summer. The days are longer, we're tanned, our hair's on fleek and all that jazz. That is, until we're swamped with beach-body ads telling...

Average UK women is a size 14 but bikini bodies should be 10

A survey of 173,000 woman by Cho Yung Tea weight loss system has revealed that the average UK woman is a size 14... two sizes more than she wants to be.

Heaven or Hell: Lily Allen's sister's wedding outfit

Yikes! Sarah Owen appears to be smuggling Grant and Phil Mitchell into sister Lily Allen's wedding!

Shopping at the sales

The sales are often synonymous with stress and you can often not end up with the bargain you thought you had. Here are our tips on surviving the stress, rush and false discounts...