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THIS Swimsuit Campaign Is The Only Summer Body Message You Should Listen To

by Lareese Craig ,
THIS Swimsuit Campaign Is The Only Summer Body Message You Should Listen To

Us girls have a good thing going with summer. The days are longer, we're tanned, our hair's on fleek and all that jazz. That is, until we're swamped with beach-body ads telling us our non-photoshopped, unique legs, bums and tums aren't quite 'summer ready' yet. Pffft. We are always ready fool and this swimsuit campaign proves it.

Every female body is beautiful and every woman deserves to feel amazing in a swimsuit - that's the message Swimsuits For All is championing for their summer campaign and we gotta say it's one we're more than willing to listen to.

They're tackling body negativity head on with their #NotSorry video campaign and they've enlisted curvy model Denise Bidot to help get their message across.

The premise is this: one un-retouched video, empowering women to be unapologetic about their bodies this summer and celebrate their individuality. See, it's mega.

For years now, the go-to swimsuit brand has offered up sexy, trend focused bikinis for fuller figured women, carrying one of the largest size ranges for swimwear (8-34). Because believe it or not, just cos you got curves doesn't mean you can't do cut out.


Model and campaign star Denise Bidot says: "I think everyone has felt uncomfortable in a swimsuit in public at some point in their life, but it's all about acceptance and knowing that we are not all meant to look the same and that we were made exactly as we should be. Our individuality is what makes us, us.” If we could find her, we'd kiss her and probably never stop.

Bidot adds: "Women need to know that beauty is not only not based on a size, it's also not based on age, or your ethnic background. For so long, people have believed that beauty was something you could put in a box, but we are finally breaking away from that.”

So, what can we take away for this? We might have dimples in places we'd rather not, we might not have perfectly trim calf-cut legs or Instagrammable buns BUT we're more than ok with that because life is so much better with a Mr Whippy in one hand and confidence in the other.

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