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What To Wear to Work: A Lesson In Summer Styling By The A-listers Who Know

by Helen Turnbull ,
What To Wear to Work: A Lesson In Summer Styling By The A-listers Who Know

Ah, the Great British Summer Time. Thanks to the unfashionably late arrival of actual summer, we've had to contend with prolonged April showers and rising levels of humidity which is not only asking for a hair 'mare on a daily basis but it throws our work wardrobes into chaos. Thankfully, the A-listers know exactly how to keep cool in sartorial terms. Here's how to not sizzle in the sweaty city heat this summer.

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The Great British Summer and The Great British High Street aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Every year, around as early as March, the nation's fashion retailers offer up the same-old floral prints in more colour ways than you could wish for and the promise that X overdone trend is back and better than ever.

Don't get us wrong, a collection of printed mini dresses and wide-brimmed hats are must-haves for a vaycay to some exotic land but this is Britain not Bali so it's essential your have your wits about you, in wardrobe terms, when stepping out the house.

Dressing for the office can seem like a particularly impossible task. It presents two potential problems 1. Cooking alive on the commute, 2. Being reported to HR for indecent exposure. Luckily for us, thanks to their (mostly) LA lifestyles, the A-listers know exactly how to sizzle in the city in all the right non-sweaty ways. It's time we follow suit, literally.

Whose summer style will you be stealing this season? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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