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Average UK women is a size 14 but bikini bodies should be 10

by the editorial team ,
Average UK women is a size 14 but bikini bodies should be 10

A survey of 173,000 woman by Cho Yung Tea weight loss system has revealed that the average UK woman is a size 14... two sizes more than she wants to be.

83% of the women aged between 25 and 60 said they weren't feeling "bikini ready" and 64% of those said that they wanted to lose weight to feel confident enough to bare all in a bikini. Despite this fact 73% of them said they'd already found their perfect bikini.

73% pinpointed their tummies as the problem area- well above legs, bums and bingo wings.
Size 10 is perfect for bikinis

According to the report most women feel that a size 10 is the perfect bikini size, suggesting that the age of the waif is finally over. 56% of respondents said they'd want to lose an average of one stone five pounds to achieve their goal weight.

With most women tipping the scales at 10 stone 5 this would mean the ideal weight was seen as around 8 stone.

Worringly eight stone is technically underweight for women over 5ft 5inches, but according to the Department of Trade and Industry the average height for a British woman is 5ft 4 making it a realistic and healthy goal weight for many women.

Women's attitude to weight loss were also encouragingly healthy. 87% of respondents will diet to lose weight and 90% will do exercise - the most popular forms being Zumba, swimming, walking, gym, yoga, pilates and running.

73% of women have already window shopped for their perfect bikini and will buy it as a treat to reward themselves once they reach their weight goal.

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