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What Really Goes On Backstage At A Fashion Show?

by Lindsay Reed ,
What Really Goes On Backstage At A Fashion Show?© Kevin Tachman

All of the glamour, grace, and allure that is executed on the runways seems to make those six months of slaving away in the design studio all worth it. And while the result is beautiful, behind the scenes... it's pure chaos. Whether you're a model or a hair dresser, a blogger or a makeup artist, you'll know just how insane backstage can AND will be at any fashion show.

Fashion Week is that special time of year when girls all around the world come together in pointy toe pumps to see the immaculate creations of their favourite designers (some of which they may be able to properly pronounce). And with egos at an all time high (similar to the price tags of their purses), insanity is sure to transpire.

But what you may or may not know is that along with all of the style and sophistication that appears on the runway​ comes a backstage catastrophe. So many lights, enough food to feed an army, and naked models EVERYWHERE. Here are all of the things that happen backstage at a fashion show, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So many lights

No, this is not heaven, just backstage. Pro tip: pack a pair of sunglasses.

Makeup artists EVERYWHERE

At a 6:1 makeup artist to model ratio, those models better be looking flawless!


In beautiful arrangements one can only dream of. Literally everything you could ever need, for free! And most of it will remain untouched.

Not to mention, enough Diet Coke to fill six swimming pools

After all, hydration is key.

Even model's hair is shampooed with SmartWater

Gotta keep your mind power high somehow.

Models resemble aliens from another planet

Don't worry, they're harmless, we promise.

Weaves are not in short supply

How else could models look so unbe-weavable?

Nor is hairspray

What's an ozone layer?

Everyone is prepared for injury. Fashionably, of course.

Not your average first aid kit.

The clothes are guarded by security like Monet's Water Lilies at the Met

Don't even dare stare in their direction, the white of your eyes may fade the snow white Chantilly lace.

There are even professional dressers

Models don't have time to dress themselves.

Inspiration boards are endless

Models can and will be treated like pieces of meat/works of art.

Naked models are EVERYWHERE

Once the show begins, these girls have no time to be shy. With a 15 second changing time from look to look, it's survival of the fittest.

Photographers are scrambling everywhere

Do they know just how many pictures they are actually taking? Perhaps they are making a stop motion video....

When the show ends, it's every man for himself

Reporters, stylists, and editors will trample backstage to exchange kind words with the designer all before everyone is kicked out before the next show begins. Oh, the cycle of the fashion show life.

So much crazy for a show that lasts but 15 minutes, right? Well if you ask us, we think it's worth it.​

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This piece was written by Lindsay Reed. Follow her @lindsayreednyc!

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