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Victoria Beckham makes mules hot again

by Lareese Craig ,
Victoria Beckham makes mules hot again© Getty

It's only been a few days since Victoria Beckham showcased her sought-after SS14 collection at New York Fashion Week and already she's paved the way for a comeback trend. Mules are having a bit of a moment thanks to queen VB and her creative flare. Gone are the strappy sandals of yester-seasons and in their place, stomping down the runway is the slip-on power shoe. Man-repelling garb at your service.

We all saw how hot Victoria Beckham's SS14 collection was at New York Fashion Week with cool culottes and loose-fitting peplums ruling her runway show.

But we never took the time to look a little south of her easy shapes and elegant whites to notice THE shoe of the season.

Replacing her glamorous heeled sandals and pretty peep toes, the man-repelling mules were specially made for her SS14 show by Manolo Blahnik.

They're one part clumpy clog, one part haute couture hoof - this is the micro trend you'll need to get to grips with if you're to get style savvy in time for next summer.

The shoe department has had a made-to-be ugly makeover of late with flatforms, jelly shoes and Birkenstocks all making ugly shoes a style must-try.

Is this going to be the year that pretty girl chic gets a rebellious makeover and our boyfriends are left wincing in a dark corner as we try on the latest haul of on-trend shoes?

Victoria Beckham made a flash appearance after her show to rapturous applause but there wasn't an ugly sister Cinderella shoe in sight. Instead she opted for a pair of classic heeled points.

If/when she starts walking in the micro mules then we'll be walking with her. Until then we'll stick to our pretty ballerinas and fail-safe ankle boots.

Check out the ugly shoe styles we love:

Victoria Beckham makes mules hot again © Asos
Victoria Beckham makes mules hot again
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Lareese Craig
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